Rhinoplasty 101: What Constitutes a Successful Rhinoplasty and How Much Does Nose Job Cost in India

rhinoplasty cost in India

Rhinoplasty 101: What Constitutes a Successful Rhinoplasty and How Much Does Nose Job Cost in India

The human nose, albeit small in size, is a delicate structure made of complicated layers of cartilage and bone. Alteration to one part of it can affect the subtle balance of the entire nose structure.  Hence, only an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon can perform what can be called a successful rhinoplasty. 

Now, what constitutes a successful rhinoplasty? How much does a nose job cost in India? Read the blog until the end to know the answers. 


Factors Determining a Successful Rhinoplasty

Linguistics can be tricky. What appears to be a cute nose for one person may not appeal to another person. So how do we declare that rhinoplasty surgery is successful or not? Here are a few factors that help assess the success rate of rhinoplasty. 


  •  Meeting Patient Expectations

Rhinoplasty can have 2 different types of goals: Aesthetic or Functional. Aesthetic goals usually include the removal of the dorsal hump or the sharpening of the blunt nose tip. While functional goals include correcting a deviated septum which causes an asymmetry in your nostrils and makes it difficult to breathe. A rhinoplasty surgery can also have a combination of both aesthetic and functional goals. 

Communication between the surgeon and the patient plays a vital role here. 3D simulation software like CRISALIX can project the result of rhinoplasty beforehand so that the patient can visualise it with clarity. Any breathing issues before the surgery should be eased and the patient should be able to breathe comfortably after recovery. 


  • Natural Looking Results 

Achieving a natural-looking nose that’s proportional to the rest of your facial aesthetics is the key. Only an experienced surgeon understands the impact of gender, facial symmetry, age and ethnicity while crafting your nose 2.0 

Men prefer a bold angular nose while women prefer a more feminine and graceful nose with a sharp tip. A good surgeon takes patients’ realistic expectations into account while gently guiding them away from impractical demands that can’t be achieved through rhinoplasty. When you google ’plastic surgeon near me’ do verify the surgeon’s credentials and if they are board-certified. 


  • Minimally Invasive Procedure

The incisions are usually made on the inside of the nose for a closed rhinoplasty approach. In the case of open rhinoplasty, the incision is made in the columella, the space in between the nostrils.  A board-certified surgeon with access to advanced technology like piezotome for high-precision results will ensure minimum incisions and less damage to surrounding soft tissues. Hence don’t look for the cheapest nose job cost in India but choose a qualified surgeon who can offer guaranteed results. 

Reshaping of the nose shouldn’t be drastic like a loud bang but rather subtle like a whisper. A successful rhinoplasty is one where it is impossible for someone new to recognize you had a nose job once you have recovered fully.


  • Comfortable Recovery Process 

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure and the overall surgery can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. Once discharged, take the pain medication as instructed by your surgeon and avoid sun exposure and strenuous actions that may put pressure on your newly constructed nose.  Minimal swelling and bruising in your nasal area are to be expected in the first week after surgery.

Smooth recovery from rhinoplasty surgery doesn’t mean the complete absence of any post-surgery discomfort. But rather minimising and managing any pain or discomfort by following the right post-op guidance provided by your surgeon. While you may return to your desk job after a week, it takes about a month before you can fully appreciate the finesse of your new nose. 


  • Long-lasting Results 

When performed by an experienced surgeon, the results from rhinoplasty will match your expectations and are long-lasting. It’s important to understand that healing is a work in progress and doesn’t happen overnight. For some patients, it may take up to a year to achieve the exact expected results on the nose as there may be slight swelling (barely noticeable!) or numbness in the nose tip which gradually disappears. 

While the rhinoplasty results are long-lasting factors like natural ageing and any future trauma to the nose can affect its appearance. Take a balanced diet, keep yourself hydrated and take good care of your skin to enjoy the surgery’s benefits for a long time. 

What’s The Nose Job Cost in India?

There are several factors influencing the cost of rhinoplasty surgery in India. 

  • Surgeon’s Experience
  • Clinic Infrastructure
  • Complexity of Procedure
  • Anaesthesia Administered
  • Advanced Surgery Techniques Used
  • Results Portfolio of Previous Rhinoplasties 


On average, rhinoplasty treatment can cost anywhere between INR 1,00,000 to INR 3,00,000 Lakhs. In addition to this patients should also take into account, the pro-operation consultation fees, medication expenses and follow-up appointments.

It’s important not to base your decision on the nose job cost in India because cheaper cost means increased risks in the surgery. Messing up your nose is not worth saving a few thousand rupees only to spend on redo surgeries later. 

Before getting surgery, clearly communicate your expectations to the surgeon to avoid any surprises in the later stage. A rhinoplasty’s success depends a lot on your surgeon’s expertise. So place more weight on that over finding the lowest nose job cost in India. 

All the best for your rhinoplasty journey. May you fall in love with the curve of your reshaped nose!

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