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Rhinoplasty 101: What Constitutes a Successful Rhinoplasty and How Much Does Nose Job Cost in India

The human nose, albeit small in size, is a delicate structure made of complicated layers of cartilage and bone. Alteration to one part of it can affect the subtle balance of the entire nose structure.  Hence, only an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon can perform what can be called a successful rhinoplasty.  Now, what constitutes a...

Rhinoplasty surgery

Abhishek Didn’t Know the Medical Benefits of Rhinoplasty!

Throughout his adolescence, Abhishek (Name Changed) struggled with his deviated nasal septum. At the age of 13, his nose was broken while playing a football match where he scored the winning goal. But Abhishek was bullied after the incident in his school and even during his first year of college due to his appearance.   “My...