What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty refers to the cosmetic nose surgery performed to reconstruct and correct the nose, shape, size and formation. It is commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’ or sometimes ‘nose reshaping’ too. It helps to maintain the nose’s aesthetic by correcting the nasal tip, changing the width of the nasal bridge, removing a bump on the nose, and changing the overall structure of the nose.  Before & after Result

How Does Rhinoplasty Help?

Rhinoplasty helps people having issues with nose structure or function. If you face any problems below, then Rhinoplasty is definitely for you. 

  • If you snore while sleeping
  • If you have a broader or blunt nose
  • If you face any breathing difficulty
  • If your nose is bent due to a fracture
  • If your nostril is asymmetric
  • If you have a dorsal hump or saddled nose
  • If your nose is round and bloated

Rhinoplasty gives your face an appealing appearance by correcting the nose structure. It helps you get a slim, sharp, and smaller nose by removing all the visibly apparent abnormalities.

Note: Rhinoplasty does not give you a new nose. It is just meant to give a good look to your face or correct any functional problems you may have.

Rhinoplasty – The Procedure

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon

Before undergoing surgery, it is very important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will assess your aesthetic need and other facial features to make sure you need to undergo surgery. However, if you have issues like snoring or a deviated septum, you must go for surgery. Also, you can opt for the surgery if you have an asymmetrical or broken nose.

The surgeon may also ask for the following:

  • Your Medical History: If you already have had surgery before or if you are on any medication. During this phase, the surgeon will ask about your motivation and expectations. 
  • Physical Examination: You might also need blood and other tests. The surgeon will assess the facial features to get a clear idea of what needs to be changed.
  • Photographs: Photographs might be taken to get multiple possibilities of how the result would look and for before-and-after assessment. 

The surgery is commonly performed under local or general anaesthesia. If the surgery is minor, the anaesthesia will be injected into your nose, which will numb the nose. The surgeon will add and remove bone cartilage as per the requirement. Also, they might use fat grafts and fillers, as per the patient’s need, to enhance the aesthetic. 

Usually, the procedure takes 2-3 hours. However, it might take more than that in case of major surgery involving the use of rib cartilage to augment the nose.

Going for a traditional surgical technique might cause irregularities in the facial contour. However, Piezotome, used by Dr Priya Bansal, the best plastic surgeon in Delhi, to perform ultrasonic rhinoplasty, helps cut the bone precisely and correct minor irregularities without damaging the overall structure.

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    Rhinoplasty – Recovery

    Rhinoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon

    Rhinoplasty is a fast recovery surgery. You might feel the pain for a week or two. However, you might need to avoid the following things:

    • Sunlight for a few days after surgery
    • Blowing nose
    • Heavy workout
    • Excessive chewing
    • Any trauma to nose

    It is highly recommended to visit the doctor a few days after surgery to ensure that the stitches are okay.

    If you are looking for a rhinoplasty plastic surgeon in Delhi, Dr Priya Bansal is the right choice. 

    The highly acclaimed plastic surgeon is a gold medalist female plastic surgeon with years of experience, training, and practice. Practising for more than a decade as a leading plastic surgeon in India, Dr Bansal holds an impressive list of happy and satisfied patients. In addition to providing high-level surgical care, Dr Bansal always puts patient needs at the forefront of her medical practices. 

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    There are several criteria by which you may select the best surgeon for you. It’s always good to inquire how frequently and how often surgeons have performed the surgery you want to opt for. Obtain references and testimonials for their services, and treat them as though they were a regular doctor. You cannot compromise on quality if you want the finest outcomes.

    The good thing is that rhinoplasty is a relatively pain-free operation.It is usually done under general anaesthesia in which case you don’t feel at all. Even under local anaesthesia, the only time you feel pain is when the anaesthesia is injected, and when a needle penetrates your skin, it creates discomfort. However, the anaesthetic effect is usually long-lasting, making a recovery considerably easier.

    Whether general or local, anaesthesia has become extremely safe thanks to ongoing medical advancements. Death due to anaesthesia is quite rare, and one can avoid complications and risks of anaesthesia by consulting an experienced surgeon in a well equipped center.

    Nose job or rhinoplasty can be done for two different purposes, either for cosmetic purposes or for reconstructive methods. It is performed to fix all kinds of nose deformities and nose aesthetics.

    Several factors determine the cost of a nose job. The surgeon, the centre, the procedure, and the equipment are all included. However, one thing to remember is to choose quality above money. Choosing cheaper options may, in the end, result in a quality compromise. If your results are poor, you may require corrective surgery that raises total costs.

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