Will Fat Come Back After Liposuction Surgery

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Will Fat Come Back After Liposuction Surgery

In recent times, liposuction has become a powerful tool for achieving a sculpted body. However, every individual has doubts before deciding to undergo this procedure. The worry is will that banished fat come back? To clear such question marks, we have written this blog that will give answers to all those unsaid words.

So ditch the ANXIETY and open your arms to CLARITY. Today, let us answer the million-dollar question – Will fat come back after liposuction surgery?

To answer this, let us briefly understand what liposuction does?

In layman’s words, Liposuction Surgery, also known as “body contouring,” is a perfect way to remove excessive fat. How you say? Simple, it helps you get a desired body shape and can also sculpt different parts of your body perfectly. 

But something worries you? Many cosmetic surgeons often get asked whether fat comes back after Liposuction Surgery. Let us answer this for you. The restoration of fat in your body depends on various factors that vary from person to person. 

To clarify things better, here is all the information you need in a question-and-answer format.


Can fat cells come back after liposuction?

As we discussed above, liposuction removes fat cells; those cells definitely don’t come back. In fact, your body does not make new fat cells in the parts where the old ones existed. However, after liposuction, the untreated fat cells in other parts of the body may enlarge if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle and gain weight. This could sometimes lead to a misconception that fat cells come back after liposuction. Make sure that you consult your surgeon on the post-op care to maintain a healthy weight and body. 


How do I keep the fat off after liposuction? 

Just by living a healthy lifestyle. Isn’t it simple? 

Some lifestyle changes, like the ones below, will help you keep the fat off. 

  1. Eat a healthy meal with lots of fresh veggies and fruits, animal protein, and need to avoid sugar. 
  2. If you want to maintain weight after surgery, plan your day to eat several low-fat meals in small portions. 
  3. To keep yourself hydrated, drink lots of water, especially when you are working out. 
  4. Work out often, ideally at a high intensity, that strengthens your muscles and burns calories. 
  5. Talk to your doctor about better care for yourself after surgery. 


To conclude, 

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that permanently reduces the number of fat cells in the treated areas and alters your body shape. However, it is not a magic pill for weight loss. Therefore, to maintain that silhouette, you must make the necessary changes in your lifestyle. A healthy diet and regular exercise should be the priority of your daily regime to the remaining fat cells from enlarging and impacting your chiselled body. 

Still debating whether or not to go for liposuction? Make a call right now and schedule a meeting with Dr Priya Bansal, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Delhi, today who will evaluate if liposuction is right for you and ways of getting rid of excess fat.

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