About Us – RG Aesthetics

Welcome to RG Aesthetics – One of the leading names for plastic surgery practices in India.

Based in Delhi, we offer all kinds of body correction procedures matching international standards. With highly advanced plastic and cosmetic surgical facilities and equipment at our helm that provide the desired aesthetics, we have a long list of happy and satisfied patients to our credit. 

The Team at RG Aesthetics

The equipped and abled team of plastic and cosmetic surgeons at RG Aesthetics comprises of Dr. Priya Bansal and Dr. Rajat Gupta, the most renowned names in reconstructive procedures. The team is backed by over 40 years of collective experience, and they have successfully delivered natural-looking results. The most coveted awards in the plastic surgery realm, accompanied by rewards and recognition, add to the team’s credentials. 

Dr. Priya Bansal, one of the most sought-after plastic surgeon at RG Aesthetics with 12+ years of surgical experience, has great attention to detail regarding body sculpting. Dr. Bansal is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a keen sense of beauty and balance.

With the cutting-edge tools and technology we hold at the center, the overall team continues to provide services of the highest caliber. We perform surgeries while maintaining the reputation of being the leading surgical facility in Delhi, producing results that our patients desire the most. We ensure that every procedure we perform follows the patient’s natural body silhouettes, making it simple to conceal the signs of surgery.

Our Specialization

Cosmetic Procedures 

We provide both surgical and non-surgical body reshaping procedures. We offer a full range from standard liposuction to breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and full mommy makeovers using customized surgical techniques. Our utmost endeavor lies in catering to every patient’s individual needs accompanied by very few undetectable incisions!

Facelift Procedures

When it comes to facelifts, we aim to tighten the skin beneath the surface. Whether you choose a conventional, mini, endoscopic, or silhouette lift, we begin by tightening the muscles beneath the skin so that your results look natural.

Ear Reconstruction Surgery

We are the leading facility in India providing the best ear reconstructive surgery. Rib cartilage is harvested and sculpted during this extremely sophisticated technique. Our skilled surgeons conduct the procedures, and the outcomes are outstanding!

Hair Restoration Surgery

We provide hair transplants as a long-term cure for your hair loss issues. With our cutting-edge, tried-and-true methods, you may rectify the receding hairline, cover any bald areas, and combat other hair issues. 

Advanced Liposuction Technology

We utilize MicroAire and VASER, the most cutting-edge liposuction technology available. They permit, respectively, ultrasound- and power-assisted liposuction. These minimally invasive techniques greatly lessen trauma while producing more effective outcomes.

Dr. Priya Bansal mixes them with the most modern radiofrequency BodyTite technology for skin tightening without removal. To get the desired aesthetic outcomes, she incorporates this blend of Power-Assisted, Ultrasound-Assisted, and Radiofrequency-Enhanced technology as PURE Contouring.

Crisalix 3D Technology

Dr. Bansal also employs Crisalix 3D equipment so that you may visualize how your breasts will appear following breast augmentation or reduction. Attend a consultation to view the scenarios on your digital photographs.

The Piezotome

A rhinoplasty (nose job) outcomes are substantially more precise thanks to RG Aesthetics’ Piezotome technology! This ultrasonic-based device stays clear of all the issues with conventional Rhinoplasty because its minimally traumatic nature guarantees a considerably more aesthetically moulded nose and a quicker recovery time!

Nano-Textured and Smooth Breast Implants

Implants made of silicone that is textured may lead to issues. Nano-textured and smooth breast implants are significantly safer options that increase the comfort of breast augmentation while reducing the likelihood of negative physical reactions to the implants. Additionally, they conform better to the intended shape, giving the results a much more natural appearance! 

Why Choose Us?

  • We are committed to providing the greatest level of excellence concerning all of the cosmetic and reconstructive treatments we carry out.
  • We stay up to date with emerging technologies to provide our prestigious clients with the most cutting-edge, high-tech solutions available. 
  • While operating on your body, we consider your emotional health and your physical look.
  • We uphold the highest levels of conformity with international standards regarding patient safety, maintaining privacy, discretion, hygiene, and post-surgery recovery support. 

We are here to assist you in overcoming any issues you may have with your appearance so that you can regain your confidence and adopt a new attitude toward life. 

Let us connect and talk to address any queries you may have regarding any desired cosmetic surgery.