Dimple Creation

What is Dimple Creation?

Dimples make smiles look brighter and add characters to the face – many people believe this, and it is true to a large extent. Some are born with natural dimples, and some are not. Now, do you know that dimples are caused due to a defect in the muscle called Zygomaticus Major? Still, everybody wants a dimple on their cheeks when they smile, simply because it makes everyone look more appealing.

Are you looking for dimples?

Those who are not born with dimples can undergo a dimple creation surgery, also known as Dimpleplasty. Surgeons can create a dimple, as well as remove it, under this procedure.

Dimple Creation Surgery Procedure in Gurgaon

Who Can Opt for Dimple Creation Surgery?

If you want a dimple to accentuate your facial features, then you can undergo dimple creation surgery. Following are the benefits of the surgery:

  • You have the leverage to pick the place on the cheek for your dimple
  • You can also have dimples on both sides of the face for a more symmetrical look
  • The procedure can also help you remove the dimple
  • The best part is, there will be no visible scarring

But you must know that dimple creation surgery won’t give a new face. Also, it cannot be created anywhere apart from cheeks.

Dimple Creation Procedure

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in India, you must always consult a board-certified surgeon. They will assess and examine you properly and will chalk out the best possible way to meet your expectations.

The dimple creation procedure is extremely safe and scarless. The incision is made inside the cheek to ensure there is no scarring on the face, which also leads to the natural appearance of the dimple. The incision is sutured depending on the depth and location of the dimple. As the sutures used are dissolvable,

there is no need to get a follow-up appointment with your surgeon. Now, you have a natural-looking dimple on your face!

There are three kinds of dimples you can opt-in for:

  • Indian Dimples: Gives you an innocent yet naughty look
  • Long Dimples: Gives you a sensual, mature, and yet soft and cute look
  • Mouth Corner Dimples: Gives you a cute, prim, and pleasant look

If you wish to get your dimple removed, the surgeon will remove the skin from the underlying muscle, and the depression created can be corrected with fillers.

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    Dimple Creation Recovery

    Dimple Creation Surgery Procedure in GurgaonDimple creation surgery is 30 minutes outpatient procedure. The following points should be kept in mind:

    • You can go home immediately after the surgery
    • Bruises and swellings can be helped with ice packs
    • You can start having food 2-3 hours post the surgery
    • You can resume your daily routine after 2 days of the surgery

    Dimple creation surgery or Dimpleplasty is a simple surgery, yet needs the expert hands of an experienced surgeon, as the surgery is performed on the face. The right choice to make is to consult with Dr Priya Bansal to discuss your precise needs and expectations. The qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in India, Dr Bansal, ensures you get the results exactly as you desire. 

    Book your consultation with this gold medalist female plastic surgeon in Delhi and the NCR region to experience the best of surgical practices.

    When people smile, they develop dimples, which are most commonly observed near the bottoms of the cheeks. Dimpleplasty is used by people who don’t have this facial feature, which is why the number of dimple procedures has grown in recent years.

    Dimpleplasty, often known as dimple creation, is a procedure anybody may undergo if they want dimples on their cheeks. However, you must first assess your physical health and medical state before proceeding.

    Dimpleplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure, which means you may go home the same day and avoid a hospital stay. Simply visit your surgeon’s office, get your procedure completed in 30 minutes, and return home! It’s that easy and quick.

    The healing after a Dimpleplasty is fairly uncomplicated. After the procedure, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital and may return home to resume their normal activities. The next day, you can return to work and continue your usual daily routines.There can be some swelling for some days and you need to take soft diet for a couple of days.

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