3 Inspiring Rhinoplasty Before After Transformations

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3 Inspiring Rhinoplasty Before After Transformations

Rhinoplasty, commercially referred to as the ‘Nose job’ is a simple surgery that requires exquisite plastic surgery skills.  A rhinoplasty can aesthetically transform your nose by augmenting a saddle nose, getting rid of a dorsal hump or reshaping a blunt and rounded nose tip. Aside from ensuring your nose is aesthetic and proportional to your face, it can also address breathing difficulties caused by a deviated septum.

Let’s take a look at three inspiring rhinoplasty before after transformations in this blog. 


Case Study 1: Correcting a Dorsal Hump

A visible nasal hump in the nose can wear down the strongest of people. This nasal/dorsal hump can usually be attributed to genetics, trauma or ageing.  The patient was a 29-year-old female who suffered from a congenital dorsal hump in her nose. She has always been insecure about the appearance of her nose and how it affected her overall facial aesthetics. 

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Open rhinoplasty with a minor incision in the columella tissue that separates the nostrils was performed. Removal of cartilage to reshape the bridge of the nose helped restore its natural curvature. 


She had to wear a nasal splint in the first week after the surgery and refrain from any activities that could disturb the structure of her newly constructed nose. She had minor swelling during this period and pain medication helped manage any physical discomfort. The swelling started gradually subsiding after the first week and the patient now had a straight and smooth bridge without the saddle-like appearance. She was thrilled with the results and felt getting rhinoplasty done was the right decision for her and that rhinoplasty recovery time was worth the renewed confidence it brought into her life. 



Case Study 2: Reshaping A Blunt And Rounded Nose Tip

This 24-year-old female had a blunt and rounded nose tip that dominated her facial aesthetics disproportionately, taking the attention away from her other features.  She wanted to get a nose job that reshaped her nose tip. 

It was diagnosed that she had excess soft tissue in the nasal area and this caused the lack of definition in her nose tip. An incision was made on the inside of her nose to remove some of the cartilage while reshaping the rest to give her a more defined nose tip. The surgery was performed under general anaesthesia and she had nose packing for the first two days to help absorb any discharge from the surgical wound.  rhinoplasty before after pictures

For the first 2 weeks in the post-operative phase, she was instructed to avoid exposure to the sun, excessive chewing and blowing her nose. This gave her newly reshaped nose the appropriate time to settle in. The mild nasal bruising started subsiding during this period and in six months she was able to fully appreciate the rhinoplasty before after transformation she had visualised initially. This demonstrates the transformative power of rhinoplasty in reshaping a blunt and rounded nose tip.  





 Case Study 3: Removing Dorsal Hump And Correcting  Deviated Septum

A 30-year-old male had a prominent dorsal hump in the bridge of his nose which affected his confidence. He also mentioned he experienced breathing difficulties which also led to a lack of sleep at night. He wanted to get a nose job to get a more aesthetic nose that allowed him to breathe easily. 

It was diagnosed that he experienced difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum. A septum is the thin wall of complicated bone and cartilage that separates both nostrils. When it is not centre aligned it can obstruct your nasal airway resulting in breathing difficulties, snoring, and sleep apnea.  rhinoplasty before after picture

The nasal cartilage that caused the hump was corrected through an incision in the inside of his nose. His septum was also straightened to help him breathe easily.  After the initial rhinoplasty recovery time during which he followed all the post-op care tips provided, his surgical wounds started healing gradually. He was satisfied with the results and loved how his new nose complemented his facial aesthetics. 

These inspiring rhinoplasty surgery before after transformations are a testament to how a good plastic surgeon can change lives. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Delhi, do consult a board-certified surgeon with hands-on rhinoplasty experience for guaranteed results. 

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