Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginal Tightening Procedure

What all is involved in Vaginal Tightening Surgery, and Why Do you Need it?

Considering our health and many other elements of our lives are directly impacted by the sight of our exposed and hidden body parts, women take this attitude very seriously.   Yes, the normal ageing process and other physical changes affect us all. To sustain our prosperity and live wholesome, contented lives, we start to adapt and...

Vaginoplasty surgery

A Case of Vaginoplasty – Problems Faced and Solutions Proposed

This case study is about a woman whose vaginal laxity was developing gradually due to various causes, including the course of age, several childbirths, and weight increase. She was experiencing reduced friction during intercourse which decreased her sexual enjoyment. Mrs Sangeeta Sharma visited Dr Priya Bansal for Vaginoplasty. She was experiencing vaginal stretching and loosened...

Vaginoplasty Surgery

Vaginoplasty – Know Your Options for Complete Vaginal Rejuvenation

As women, we are considerate about the appearance of our exposed body parts and covered body parts, directly impacting our health and various other aspects of our lives. Yes, we are all subjected to the natural ageing process and other bodily changes. We begin to adjust and make improvements and adjustments so that we may...