I got my buccal fat removed and face lipo done from her the results are absolutely amazing. Anyone who wants to go for cosmetic surgeries should definitely consult her as she has just so much knowledge to give you and is great at her work.

Meghna SainiBuccal Fat

I met Dr Priya Bansal as I had a severe Deviated Nasal Septum from a sports injury years back and not only it hindered my breathing but my aesthetics of face took a hit as it was no where close to a natural looking nose anymore. My tip was bulbous , there was a dorsal hump , the nose was deviated and wavy , had no defination, overall it was simply bad. Dr Priya , being a sweet person that she is , first heard all my concerns both aesthetic and functional. I would like to underscore that Dr Priya has great knowledge of the aesthetics and what makes a face look good. So the first thing she told me was that she was definately going to resolve my issues and I would have a straighter nose , would have refined tip and there would be no dorsal hump. 🙂 But I was still more anxious as I certainly wanted to have a nose which is not only ideal but which would compliment my face and personality. In my case I had a droopy nose along with all the deformities I mentioned above. She gave me a great advice that she would rotate the tip upwards , obviously I didn’t knew what that meant but I trusted her. She also said that the height of my nose was taking up much length of my face which may not be adding to the aesthetics of my overall face to which she suggested that she would reduce the height of my nose. Her inputs like these were valuable to me as I wanted a true Aesthetic Professional to guide with what’s best for me. Speaking to her I had a strong intuition that I just needed to trust her and I did just that. Post Surgery Day 11 – As I see myself in the mirror , and wow wow ( who is this handsome dude in front of me ) I cannot be more happier. First of all didn’t my dorsal hump is gone , the deviated septum got resolved and the tip is looking naturally defined. I also have prominent dorsal lines which is making me look great . and the tip that she said she was gonna rotate now I can see that and it looks just wow. The major factor , the nose is now one thirds of my face , which is what she meant when she said she was going to reduce the height of my nose. The person that I see in the mirror now matches the inner confident self that I always had. When my nose was bandaged and face swollen in first week of surgery I was having much anxious thoughts and if I made the right choice , but with passing time I can only thank God that I underwent a complicated surgery as Septo Rhinoplasty under Dr Priya Bansal. She not only has great expertise and knowledge in her domain but there is much talent and skill in her hands too. Yes it’s important to look good but it’s even more important that we don’t lose our identity which is what exactly I have now. What she did was a true work of art and I will strongly recommend anyone thinking about rhinoplasty to consult Dr Priya. Good luck 🙂

Raj Gopal Rhinoplasty

Doctor Priya is a highly talented and skilled professional who understands the needs of her patients patiently. I must say she understands the field of aesthetics very well and her hands are very adept in performing intricate surgeries. I underwent Septo Rhinoplasty and my experience couldn’t have been any better. I was having a severely deviated septum, along with bulbous nose. The nose itself did never complement the rest of my face as it was too long and big for my face.

But Doctor gave me a transformation which is too good to be true. She not only advised me to reduce the height of the nose as well as rotated the tip of the nose. These attributes made my nose perfect for my face. The social life only got better but my own breathing improved significantly and so did my voice projection. All this added to my confidence.

So while Rhinoplasty is no ordinary surgery Doctor Priya made it look very easy. She is very proactive and shows great care towards her patients. She is one of the very few doctors who value satisfaction of her patients more than money. Her true joy is in making her patients feel more confident and I think this makes her one of the best plastic surgeon. I will strongly recommend anyone considering Rhinoplasty to consult with her and see what she has to say. Good luck.


Highly recommended her services, she understands the patient and process very well. Also, she take cares of everything very professionally .. I had a tough journey but she was there throughout to make sure I came out well out of it

Loving146293Breast Implants

Im 23 n a doctor myself. I went to dr priya mam for augmentation surgery. Before the surgery mam clearly explained everything about the surgery and the very next day surgery was done op care wz also very nice.Even after the discharge mam reviews the patient every week.Im very happy with my results n m very thankful to dr priya mam
Being a doctor myself i would recommend dr priya mam if u are planning for any aesthetic surgery.

SkafsanaBreast Implants

I and my husband both were very much dissapointed with our body fat. Then someone told me about the liposuction. I asked one of my close doctor to suggest me a good plastic surgeon and then she told me about Dr Priya Bansal. Dr Priya is a very well talented doctor in her stream. She described all the pros and cons of the surgery and then she herself with her team performed the surgery. First my husband did the surgery as because we were a bit stressed for the surgery. But then everything was very good and perfect. Now my husband looks very smart and got a beautiful body figure. Dr is very consistent and very friendly with her patients. Even after discharge for one month she does a routine call to their patients. We are very much satisfied with the surgery and the doctor. I will surely suggest Dr Priya ma’am to anyone who wants this surgery done. Thanks to ck birla hispital. The staff and nurses were very cooperative with their patients.

Naaz ParveenLiposuction

Im 23 n a doctor myself.I went to dr priya mam for breast augmentation surgery Before the surgery mam explained everything about the surgery n the very next day i underwent surgery n it was perfect. Post op care was also very nice.Even after the discharge mam reviews the patient every week.Im very happy n very satisfied with my results n m very thankful to dr priya mam. Being a doctor myself i would recommend dr priya mam if u are planning to undergo breast augmentation n for other aesthetic surgeries.Thanks to ck birla nurses n staff

Sk AfsanaBreast Augmentation

Have been following the doctor on Instagram for almost a year now, after seeing so many life transformational videos, reached out to her team, consultation was great, she gave time to answer all my questions and cleared my doubts, went under Tummy Tuck surgery, the whole experience at hospital was great, cleanliness, services, it was good. Everyone was kind and took efforts in order to provide a comfortable journey, I would recommend everyone who is looking to make some healthy changes in their lives, Choosing Dr. Priya and Dr. Rajat and their team would be the best decision I ever made.

Himani JainTummy Tuck surgery

After much research, I came across Dr Priya’s profile and liked her results. So I consulted her and was much impressed by the way she explained all details to me including about the techniques she uses. And i am really happy that I got my liposuction surgery from her. The initial few days I had some discomfort but the results which i got are absolutely stunning. Its like a transformation for me. I can say Dr Priya is the best plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Sahil GuptaTummy Tuck