Is there Any Surgery for Nose Reshaping?

rhinoplasty surgery in Gurgaon

Is there Any Surgery for Nose Reshaping?

The nose is one of the most defining features of the face. A slight variation in its size or shape may change your appearance largely. Rhinoplasty surgery helps to enhance the appearance of your nose aesthetically. It imparts a proportionate uniformity in the facial profile. The nose must be of desirable size and shape. Moreover, your breathing should be smooth and comfortable.

People who undergo successful rhinoplasty get a desirable nasal shape and size with enhanced facial appearance.



What is Rhinoplasty Surgery? 

Rhinoplasty is the medical term for surgical procedures for “nose reshaping” or “nasal surgery.” It is the surgical reconstruction and shaping of the nasal bone and cartilage to modify both the appearance and function of your nose.

Rhinoplasty is not confined to the aesthetic appearance. It also reshapes the nose’s interior to eliminate any obstruction in breathing. It may also rectify a traumatic injury, correct an asymmetry and furthermore. The interior modification in the nose is termed septoplasty. It involves the surgical modification in the bones and cartilage of your nasal bones. It gives a better shape and structure to make your nasal septum straight. It is the bone and cartilage that divides your nostrils. 

The reshaping may also address any concerns in the nasal cavity to facilitate and improve nasal breathing.

Nasal deformities that may be corrected with the rhinoplasty include:

  • Bent or deviated nasal septum
  • The broad and bulbous nose
  • Bony prominence or humps 
  • Nasal asymmetry
  • Flared nostrils
  • Saddle noses
    rhinoplasty surgery in Gurgaon

How is the nose reshaping or rhinoplasty done?

It is a daycare procedure performed under anaesthesia. That means you can return home the same day within a few hours of the surgery. 

Once you are administered anaesthesia, the surgeon gives an incision beneath the nose. This gives access to the underlying bone and cartilage. Your surgeon eliminates the abnormal bone or cartilage. The bone may be reshaped with the innovative piezotome tool using ultrasonic bone surgery. This bone technology ensures all adjacent tissues are intact by targeting the bone and cartilage. Your bone and cartilage are reshaped in the desired manner. It ensures safety and accuracy across all phases.



Recovery and Results

You may experience pain or discomfort. It can be alleviated with pain killers, antibiotics and cold compresses. Facial swelling and puffiness may be obvious for a couple of days. However, it regresses during the recovery. Slight bruises or swelling around your eyes may occur.

You can resume work and daily activities in a week. How to ensure your fitness from your surgeon. Nonetheless, you need to refrain from exercise, bending down for some time or as advised by your surgeon. It may take a few weeks for the nose to mould for the final appearance.

Rhinoplasty determines your facial profile. It influences your appearance largely. So, it may be necessary to consult a well experienced plastic surgeon specialising in rhinoplasty. Own the comfort and safety when you choose a gold medalist plastic surgeon. Dr Priya Bansal, plastic surgeon in Delhi, Gurgaon NCR is the right choice. Dr Bansal’s expertise is beyond the regular realms of plastic surgery. With her extensive training in the procedure and the latest techniques to her disposal, she comes across as a compassionate surgeon addressing your concerns with utmost care and accuracy.



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