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The dream of getting rid of the stubborn flabby stomach that mocks your mirror reflection can now be a reality! The recent advancements in cosmetic surgeries have expanded a whole new horizon of possibilities, and plastic surgeries can now be more customised than ever to suit your specific expectations.
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What Precisely is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen or tummy and helps to restore strength to sluggish or isolated stomach muscles, giving them a firmer and slimmer appearance.

This process works to make your belly slimmer and sleeker. It involves removing excess fat with liposuction techniques and tightening the remaining skin to achieve the desired result.

It is critical to know the process clearly, including what it can and cannot do. To make an educated judgement, you must arm yourself with all factual information and debunk misconceptions. You can choose between a full tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck depending on your needs.

Full Tummy Tuck 

This process eliminates all of the extra fat and skin from your entire abdomen area. A full tummy tuck helps correct the splitting of abdomen muscles during pregnancy, a condition known as diastasis recti.

A hip-to-hip incision is made just above your public hairline for a full tummy tuck, and the stretched abdominal muscles are sewn together. Excess fat is liposuctioned, and the abdomen skin is pulled down for a perfectly flat and toned stomach. Your excess skin is cut off, and belly button reshaping may be done if necessary. Depending on individual cases, a full tummy tuck may also help you address the issue of stretch marks and a C-section scar. 

Mini Tummy Tuck 

A mini tummy tuck focuses on the lower abdomen, just below the belly button. This generally requires using a smaller incision 6 to 12 inches shorter than that of a full tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck does not address diastasis recti and involves the removal of less skin, eliminating the need for belly button repositioning. 

What Should I Choose: Full Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck?

Depending upon your surgery expectations, you can choose the option that suits you the most. If you are concerned about the loose skin and excess fat deposits in the lower part of your abdomen below the belly button, you may benefit from a mini tummy tuck procedure. But if you want a flat and toned stomach by addressing the loose skin and excess fat in the entire abdominal area, you should go for a  full tummy tuck procedure.

Tummy Tuck / Before & After

Dr Priya Bansal combines her natural eye for artistic body aesthetics with her perfected plastic surgery skills to deliver magic when it comes to tummy tuck results. Take a look at her before after transition images to understand the procedure's benefits for yourself.

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Who is qualified for the Tummy Tuck procedure?

Please take a moment to consider whether your situations fit any of the following–

  • You have a weirdly shaped abdomen due to your post-pregnancy weight loss.
  • You began a new health regimen and lost considerable weight by continuous dieting and exercise. The fat on your stomach, on the other hand, did not budge. You have a fat stomach that contradicts the rest of your toned body, but you also have abdominal skin that is flimsy and baggy and hangs low from your abdomen.
  • You have a bulging abdomen, which makes you feel unappealing and restricts your outfits
  • You can hold an undesirable pannus of tissue with both hands beneath your belly button

Tummy tuck surgery is the solution to any of these problems. However, it is essential to establish realistic expectations and comprehend what a tummy tuck procedure can and cannot obtain.

The Advantages of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery can help with your abdominal difficulties by addressing the following –

  • Removing excess tummy fat and skin
  • Tightening the remaining skin to improve contouring
  • Smoothing the abdomen to give it a flat aesthetic appearance.
  • Improving body proportions
  • Adjusting recti divarication 

What a Tummy Tuck Cannot Do – A Reality Check

Tummy tuck surgery is a sophisticated cosmetic procedure that can deliver wonders for your abdomen and self-esteem. However, it is not a magical procedure and cannot perform the following – 

Give you a new body silhouette.

Several factors determine your overall body contour, and extracting extra fat will not change your bone structure or provide you with new breasts and shoulders.

Get rid of all the body fat.

The procedure can only be used to remove unwanted abdominal fat. As a result, even if you have a significant amount of intra-abdominal fat, it can be mistaken as tummy fat that you deem to be excess. So, you may not attain a flat and toned abdomen merely through the procedure.

Return you to your pre-pregnancy state.

Pregnancy causes many physiological changes, some of which may make you self-conscious. While a tummy tuck procedure can aid in certain aspects, it may not return your pre-pregnancy appearance. You may need a complete Mommy Makeover procedure for the same.

Tummy Tuck Surgery: The Procedure

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Gurgaon

Tummy tuck surgery is a four-part process that incorporates decision making and progresses to planning, the actual procedure, and recovery.

Decision Making

The decision-making process is divided into two parts, which work in tandem – one impacts the other.

Understanding the procedure and deciding on surgery

Any judgement is best made when all of the statistics are at hand. Your initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon is critical in this process. They will walk you through the entire procedure, the related perks, the risk associated, and enlighten you on how to mitigate them, the timeframe associated, and the economic considerations.

Finalising the surgeon and the facility

Deciding on a surgeon and a centre is inextricably linked with understanding the process. Preparatory counselling with a gold medalist surgeon will ensure you have the proper facts to clear up all misconceptions and false beliefs. Finalise a surgeon only when you can trust that the surgeon is an expert in their field, qualified to conduct the surgery, and well-versed in the latest technology. A board-certified surgeon will also provide first-rate facilities and use only authorised equipment for the procedure.

Note: It is advisable to go for the best plastic surgeon in India to void any compromises to your health and safety.

Prepping and Planning

After deciding on a surgeon and a centre, the planning phase begins. During this stage, the surgeon is responsible for the following activities:

  • Discuss your requirement clearly and explain the nature of a problem as you see it and the intended result.
  • The surgeon may order blood tests to determine your body’s readiness and suitability for the procedure.
  • Constructing an accurate course of action for the tummy tuck procedure
  1. The medications to be recommended
  2. The anaesthesia dosage
  3. If a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck is needed
  4. The exact placement of the incision
  5. The amount of fat to be removed
  6. The suturing post-surgery and whether the belly button repositioning is required 
  7. All of this is calculated during this stage of the treatment
  8. Comprehension of  your health history and any allergies to plan the treatment effectively

Once the action plan is in place, the patient can start preparing for the procedure and implement the following instructions.

  • Quit smoking at least 4 weeks before the surgery. 
  • Take medicine exactly as directed by the doctor. Do not take any non-prescribed medicines, including anti-inflammatory medications, as they may increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure.
  • Stop using controlled substances.
  • Make arrangements for a driver to take you home after the surgery; driving yourself is not advised.

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    Post-Surgery Recuperation

    Tummy Tuck Surgery in Gurgaon | abdominal fat removal

    Tummy tuck surgery is a relatively risk-free procedure. Going to a board-certified surgeon can minimise the risk associated with the surgery, i.e., bleeding, anaesthesia, scarring, infection, and hematoma. Recovery is very swift, as seen in most patients who are back on their feet within six to eight weeks.

    What is Considered Normal after Surgery?

    • Inflammation, bruising, or uneasiness may occur for up to 48 hours after surgery. This is only temporary and will fade with time.
    • You can begin your normal daily activities the day after discharge, though it is advisable to avoid sudden movements and heavy lifting for up to six weeks.
    • After obtaining the surgeon’s permission, you can resume your desk job after one week .
    • It is essential to wear a compression garment for at least six weeks, or until the surgeon advises, to recover on time and retain the desired form.
    • The majority of the swelling, bruising, and discomfort will disappear within a month.
    • All types of strenuous physical exercises may be resumed around the six-to-eight-week mark after your surgeon’s approval

    Note: Keep your surgeon updated on any post-operative advancements. Do not ignore the post-operative counselling sessions.

    Women over the age of 50 can, of course, have a tummy tuck. In fact this the age when the skin sagging is more evident. The process is perfectly safe, especially now that we have access to current technology.

    Yes! This procedure is safe because of technological advancements and advancements in plastic surgery, and it needs to be because patients must have faith in their surgeons.

    The cost of tummy tuck is determined by the amount of associated fat, requirement of liposuction ,the type of tummy tuck required, amount of skin laxity ,the surgeon’s expertise, the care provided by the centre, and the technique used by the surgeon. Nevertheless, cost should not be a concern if you look for safer desirable results.

    The outcomes of tummy tuck are immediately apparent. When the procedure is completed, you will see them, and then the swelling will commence. However, swelling is temporary. You’ll be able to stand completely straight again in a week or two, and you’ll have a significantly thinner profile.

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