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What are the Different Types of Nose Surgeries?

Whenever you think of nose surgery, you might imagine a self-conscious boy or girl in their twenties or thirties who wishes for a flawless and perfect nose.  Nose surgery is an invasive procedure designed to alter the shape and size of the nose. The procedure is performed to improve the nose’s appearance, correct a congenital...

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How to Choose a Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India?

One of the world's most popular plastic surgery procedures is rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure that reconstructs the nose, improves nasal function, and enhances facial harmony aesthetically.  The first and most important step to ensuring success with rhinoplasty is choosing the right plastic surgeon. A successful procedure...

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Abhishek Didn’t Know the Medical Benefits of Rhinoplasty!

Throughout his adolescence, Abhishek (Name Changed) struggled with his deviated nasal septum. At the age of 13, his nose was broken while playing a football match where he scored the winning goal. But Abhishek was bullied after the incident in his school and even during his first year of college due to his appearance.   “My...