Arm Lift

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

When the thought of wearing a sleeveless dress makes you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about your flabby arms, it can impact how you carry yourself and your fashion choices. 

The arm lift surgery, also known as Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that works to remove pockets of extra fat and excess saggy skin in your arms. Commonly called the upper arm fat removal procedure, it enhances the appearance of the arm by reshaping and toning the upper arm while tightening the underlying tissue structure. You can finally flaunt the sleeveless outfits and claim the wardrobe of your dreams!

Arm Lift Surgery in Gurgaon

Who Is Eligible for an Arm Lift Surgery?

Are you a man or woman struggling from any of the following arm-related issues?

  • Baggy skin under the armpit
  • Fatty upper arms
  • Skin drooping on the arm

If your answer is yes, then the arm lift procedure can help in the following ways.  

  • Removing extra skin and fat from the arms
  • Give your arm a sleeker youthful appearance
  • Tighten the skin for a more appealing look

It is critical to understand that this procedure will not alter the appearance of your arms, make them seem unnaturally thin, or define the shape of your biceps. Understanding the procedure will guarantee that your expectations of the results are reasonable.

Arm Lift Surgery – The Procedure

Arm Lift Surgery in Gurgaon

Contact a gold medalist plastic surgeon in India to minimise the risk and complications of the arm lift procedure. The procedure lasts about 3 to 4 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.

An arm lift is broken down into two parts –

  • An incision near the elbow helps remove the excess fat with liposuction. The location of the incision and the amount of fat to be removed are predetermined during the planning stage to ensure minimal visible scarring. Dr Priya Bansal, a plastic surgeon in Delhi who uses cutting-edge technology for minimally invasive liposuction, performs this procedure.
  • An incision is given on your arm’s underside up to the elbow and excess hanging skin is excised, and the incision is then closed in layers with sutures.

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    Arm Lift Surgery – Recovery

    Upper arm fat removal along with skin excision is an outpatient, day-care procedure, with final results visible in 4-6 months. 

    Temporary inflammation, bruising, stiffness, or mild tingling may occur first. Wear a compression garment for 4-6 weeks to reduce swelling.

    Normal activities can be resumed the next day, but cardio should be avoided for a week, and weight training should be avoided for six weeks. You can resume your workout regime after consulting with the doctor.

    Take proper precautions recommended by the surgeon to ensure a complete, safe, and speedy recovery. Dr Priya Bansal, who has 12+ years of experience, believes in providing high-quality medical services and addressing the needs of her patients.

    The arm lift technique is a cosmetic surgical operation that focuses on removing extra fat pockets in the arms along with the excess skin. The technique also improves the appearance of the upper arm by reshaping and toning it while tightening the underlying tissue structure.

    The treatment takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete under general anaesthesia. See a gold medalist surgeon to reduce the risks and difficulties connected with the arm lift treatment.

    Arm lift surgery is an outpatient daycare procedure, the results of which are visible immediately. There can be some swelling which improves with time.

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    Find out more about this procedure and its benefits from Dr Priya Bansal, a Gold Medalist, Board-certified Plastic Surgeon in India. 

    Dr Priya Bansal is a well–known plastic surgeon because of her best practices and work ethic. Her inquisitive approach ensures she visualises your surgery expectations and drafts a precision-first plan to give you the best results. Book a consultation to discuss your customised surgery plan with her.

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