Buccal Pad Fat Removal

What is a Buccal Pad Fat Removal?

With age, chubby cheeks tend to sag, not giving a very appealing look. Due to the saggy cheek, most people lack confidence, face image issues, and experience low self-esteem. Now that we have multiple cosmetic surgery options, you do not need to worry anymore.

The remedy to this is the buccal fat removal process, also known as cheek fat removal. The surgery gives a very sculpted look by making the facial structure slim.

Who Does Buccal Pad Fat Removal Help?

Buccal Fat removal surgery is best for people who have excess fat on their face and are concerned about the face’s aesthetic.

Read below to know if you should undergo this fat removal process:

  • Excessive fat in one or both cheeks gives the face an asymmetric look
  • Weird looking curves on the cheeks
  • Negligible cheek slimming during liposuction

The cosmetic surgery to remove the cheek fat, also known as buccal pad fat, is extremely safe, and the procedure is as simple and quick. The buccal pad fat surgery removes the fat from your cheek and gives a more toned look. It is important to note that the surgery only enhances the features and does not make you look different or distinguished.

What is the Procedure of Buccal Pad Fat Removal?

Buccal Pad Fat Removal Surgery in GurgaonUndergoing a buccal pad fat removal surgery would require the best plastic surgeon in India. When in good hands, the risk of complications is minimised. A good surgeon will counsel and examine you before planning for surgery.

Buccal Fat removal surgery is usually performed under general or local anaesthesia, which is given only if the situation demands it. A half-inch incision is made at the buccal mucosa to access the cheek fat during this procedure. The incision is used as the site of fat removal, but the pressure is applied to the outer surface of the cheek to allow the buccal fat pad to protrude inside the mouth so that it can be removed easier.

Buccal Pad Fat removal is an outpatient procedure that takes approximately  30 min. Post the removal of the fat pad, the incision is closed by the suturing, and the scarred area of the incision is hidden. However, the incision heals naturally within a few days.

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    Buccal Pad Fat Removal Surgery in GurgaonBuccal Pad Fat removal is usually a three-day healing process, but some people are back on their feet the next day. There might be swelling bruises for the next few days, but they will eventually heal, given the proper care. You must need to note the following factors:

    • Avoid spicy food for a week or so
    • You should not eat for two hours post the surgery but can resume your diet after two hours (Only soft and liquid food)
    • Swelling and bruises might take a week or two to heal

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    Buccal Pad Fat Removal is a simple cosmetic surgery treatment. The buccal pad is surgically removed during this surgery to offer you defined face outlines. The operation takes about 30 minutes and is performed as an outpatient surgery.

    Buccal Pad Fat removal is a surgery that anyone can choose to undergo if they are willing to get defined facial features and smaller cheeks. It is a procedure for young patients with chubby cheeks or a round face.

    Expert plastic surgeons only perform this sort of surgery. The surgeon and the location where the surgery is performed are critical in determining the quality of the final result.

    It simply takes half an hour to complete the treatment. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the operation since it is an outpatient treatment. They can resume normal activities. There can be some swelling for a few days and they need to take soft diet for a couple of days.

    Buccal fat removal is a long-term solution for removing your cheek fat. It is true that once fat is removed from any part of the body, it does not return. Weight increase will not cause the buccal fat pads to reappear once they have been completely eliminated.

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