This Patient Cannot Stop Getting Compliments After BBL Surgery Recovery!

BBL Surgery

This Patient Cannot Stop Getting Compliments After BBL Surgery Recovery!

BBL surgery promises a snatched waist and a perky butt. Therefore, the Brazilian butt lift is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian-West, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez, whose enormous backsides have prompted an exaggerated return of the once-celebrated hourglass form, are one of the reasons behind the procedure’s growth in popularity.  


This case study is about Rihanna Khurana, who recently underwent one of the most advanced and highly demanding surgeries – the Brazilian butt lift. Keep reading to understand her entire surgical experience and why it was worth it.


I’ve always been very fascinated by butt lift surgery because I was never satisfied with the unflattering shape of my buttocks. I live in the USA country. Therefore, I was apprehensive about the cost, and I thought of getting surgery done in India because it is relatively affordable and there are a lot of experienced surgeons too. I heard about Dr Priya Bansal. She is one of the leading female plastic surgeons in India.   



Consultation Experience with Dr Priya Bansal 

During my consultation, Dr Bansal explained to me everything about the Brazilian butt lift surgery. The surgery aims to add volume to the buttocks to have an overall proportionate appearance. Nevertheless, this purpose is served using two approaches – 

  1. Fat Grafting Approach 
  2. Buttock Implants Approach 


Fat Grafting: In this approach, excess fat is suctioned out from the different body regions with the Liposuction technique and grafted inside the buttocks to have an overall bubble shape appearance. 


Buttock Implant: In this approach, artificial implants are inserted inside the buttocks for enhanced buttock appearance. This is the ideal approach for those who don’t have excess fat in their body for the fat grafting procedure.  



Preparation After Surgeon’s Selection

Once I decided to go to Dr Bansal for my surgery, we both sat together to prepare a list of things I was supposed to do before the surgery. 

  • Dr Bansal suggested a few blood tests to check my medical history and my body’s condition for the surgery.
  • We discussed my lifestyle and daily habit to analyse what can affect my surgery. 
  • I was asked to avoid the consumption of substance abuse or alcohol as it can have a severe effect on my surgery. 
  • We discussed the techniques she uses to perform BBL surgery to decide the ideal one for me.  
  • She advised a few mental and physical exercises for a better health state on the day of surgery.



Planning Stage for Brazilian Buttlift Surgical Procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery


I was not much convinced with the implants approach as I was not okay with inserting anything inside my body. I was healthy enough to go for fat grafting because I had excess fat in my waist and abdomen. Dr Priya suggested removal of fat circumferentially from the waist region to have a dual effect of narrow waistline adding to the buttock enhancement. Therefore I opted for the fat grafting approach. 



The Procedure (In Dr Priya’s Words)

  • As a usual practice, I administered general anaesthesia and marked the areas where incisions were required
  • Since the patient opted for the fat grafting procedure, I removed the excess fat from her lower back and abdomen region using MicroAire and Vaser Liposuction techniques. Thus the fat was emulsified and liquefied enough. The fat cells were treated to remain intact. 
  • Thereafter, I reinserted the fat in the buttock area using a power-assisted machine via the EVL technique. EVL or Expansion Vibration Lipofilling is a modern scientific technique to reinstate and distribute the fat in the desired body part more naturally and with least risk. 
  • Finally, the buttocks were recontoured to give a smoother, natural appearance. 


We use the latest devices acquired internationally at our medical facility to rectify additional asymmetries from earlier liposuction treatments. The body regions from where we take out the excess fat, and the amount of fat to graft  inside the buttocks are very important decisions to make.



Post Surgery Period – Recovery Stage (Rihanna)

I had a successful surgery without any severe complications. However, I experienced a few potential discomforts, which is normal after every surgery. 


  • I had some swelling which decreased over the next few weeks.
  • I felt a little uncomfortable lying down in a flat, prone posture with my chest down and back up direction for a few weeks after surgery but this was mandatory for fat survival and had been explained to me prior surgery.
  • The first recovery period took up to three days. After that, I could resume my usual activities.   
  • I was using a BBL pillow while sitting as it was reducing the pressure on my buttocks.
  • After one week, Dr Bansal allowed me to do my regular office work. 
  • I was allowed to do rigorous exercises after two weeks.


Dr Bansal suggested wearing a compression garment for the coming six weeks to maintain my new curves. The results are still increasing every day three months, and I am quite pleased with the outcome. With no hip dips and a flawlessly projecting butt, I’ve finally achieved the curvy body I’ve always desired. 


I believe that having a female plastic surgeon was also beneficial. I felt more at ease articulating my needs and expectations, and Dr Priya double-checked that I understood everything. Her crew was also incredibly kind and made sure I was comfortable during my surgery.

Dr Priya Bansal - Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Priya Bansal

Board-certified plastic surgeon

Dr Priya Bansal is a gold medalist plastic and cosmetic surgeon  with a Plastic Surgery degree from Maulana Azad Medical College and 12+ years of experience in plastic surgery. She specialises in high-def liposuction, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift and breast procedures for body contouring and sculpting. 

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