Pros and Cons of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Butt Lift Surgery

Pros and Cons of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

It is a reality that not all toning workouts will result in the ideal curvature. The correct plastic surgery, however, could make you feel more attractive and fit. One such surgery is the Brazilian butt lift.


The surgical procedure for a Brazilian butt lift is called gluteal augmentation. Surgery can make your buttocks bigger and more attractive by improving your body’s proportions and giving you a leaner, more fit figure. 


More women are starting to accept larger buttocks in recent years, and the Butt Lift surgery, a cosmetic procedure, is leading that charge. Keep reading to understand better the pros and cons of undergoing BBL surgery. 



Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery – Pros and Cons

Butt Lift Surgery

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The butt-lifting cosmetic technique known as gluteal augmentation, sometimes known as buttock augmentation surgery, increases the size of the buttocks. Similar to breast augmentation, this increases butt volume and maintains a balance between the body and the buttocks. Brazilian but lift is performed in two ways, implants and fat grafting, to get elevated buttocks. 

The following are the pros and cons of the surgery. 




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Source Image: Dr Priya Bansal 


The butt enlargement surgery assists in the following results when expectations are reasonable:


    • Improve the appearance of your hips and buttocks.
    • It gives your body’s proportions a sophisticated perspective
    • Enhances the buttocks’ look and fullness
    • It gives off an overall hourglass-shaped, sleeker appearance
    • Increases symmetry and buttock size
    • Enhances butt projection for a better silhouette and shape
    • More harmony in the figure
    • Natural beauty since the fat used is your body fat.&
    • It is a safe way to enhance one’s butts if performed by an expert surgeon.




  • Since Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery is an invasive procedure, it entails some risks, which your surgeon will freely discuss with you at a consultation. Due to the high number of fat clots caused by BBL surgery worldwide, the procedure’s safety has been under close examination for some time.


However, Dr Priya Bansal uses cutting-edge tactics to reduce the potential risks associated with the surgery. 


  • As not all fat grafts will survive and attach to your blood supply, the initial volume that is visible right away after your BBL will decrease by 30-50% within 3-6 months after your treatment. As a result, the proportion you can get from the operation is somewhat unpredictable. 


A skilled BBL surgeon can get the desired outcome by injecting just the correct quantity of fat to make up for the early volume loss.


Summing Up!

You will need to adhere strictly to specific aftercare and recovery guidelines because it takes a few months for the freshly injected fat grafts to stabilise and merge with the surrounding skin in your butt.


In a month, you might feel better, and in a few months, full healing is reached. However, your ability to recuperate depends on how strictly you follow your post-operative instructions.

The experience and abilities of plastic surgeon in India like Dr Bansal, along with a state-of-the-art operating room, ensure the best possible outcomes. Improve your body’s proportions and get a fresh look with Brazilian butt lift surgery!

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