Understanding the 360° Liposuction Approach

360 liposuction treatment

Understanding the 360° Liposuction Approach

Wishing you could get rid of the unwanted fat from various parts of the body. Liposuction to the rescue! 

There’s also increased awareness regarding liposuction in India and the liposuction cost in India is becoming more affordable. 

There are different types of liposuction, but the two most commonly used techniques are traditional liposuction and 360° Liposuction. In this blog, we will explore the differences between them and which one might be best for you.

Before we dive in, readers need to understand that liposuction is not a weight loss solution or an alternative to working out. In fact, a patient is considered an ideal candidate for the procedure only when they are at or near their ideal weight.


Different  Liposuction Techniques

Liposuction is usually performed under general anaesthesia. The recovery period can vary, but patients are usually advised to rest for a couple weeks after the procedure. Compression garments are typically worn to reduce swelling and support the healing process. Different types of liposuction techniques can be used to achieve the desired result.  


  1. Traditional Liposuction

Also known as suction-assisted liposuction, is a surgical procedure that uses a cannula, a thin tube, to remove fat from specific body parts. The cannula is inserted through a small incision in the skin and is moved back and forth to break up the fat cells. The loosened fat is then suctioned out of the body through the cannula. This technique can be used on different parts of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, hips, and arms. This procedure takes more time and there’s an increased possibility of tissue damage, asymmetrical results and recovery complications in this method.


  1. Advanced PURE Contouring 

This advanced technique combines three different liposuction techniques

  •  Power-assisted liposuction using MicroAire
  •  Ultrasound-assisted liposuction using Vaser
  •  Radio Frequency Enhanced Contouring using BodyTite

This combination technique delivers ground-breaking results by ensuring quick recovery with minimal scarring.  Ultrasound-assisted liposuction breaks down the fatty deposits into smaller segments without damaging the surrounding soft tissues while power-assisted liposuction guarantees minimal damage during further fat breakdown before it’s finally suctioned out. After excess fat extraction, a toned and chiselled body contour is created using BodyTite to regenerate collagen.

When opting for a VASER liposuction in Delhi, consult a board-certified surgeon with credible experience and a sound portfolio of before and after transformation images. 


Understanding the 360° Liposuction Approach

Also known as circumferential liposuction, 360° Liposuction treatment is a more comprehensive and wholesome approach to excess fat removal. This technique targets the entire midsection, including the abdomen, flanks, back, and hips, resulting in a smoother and more contoured appearance.  It is an excellent option for individuals who want to address multiple areas at once. A board-certified surgeon will use a combination of advanced lipo techniques like PURE contouring to give you the body of your dreams with naturally enhanced contours. 

360° Liposuction is gaining more popularity among fitness enthusiasts who struggle to achieve six pack abs, women who struggle to get the hourglass shape and mothers who struggle to lose weight with diet and exercise alone. 

  • Advanced Body Contouring

For individuals with a good level of muscle definition in the area, Liposuction 360 can help create the appearance of six-pack abs. It removes excess fat from the midsection, making it easier to achieve a lower body fat percentage and showcase the underlying muscle definition.

Circumferential liposuction also helps women to achieve an hour-glass shape by giving them an enhanced body contour through planned fat removal. 

  • Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on a woman’s body, often leading to excess fat, sagging skin, and weakened muscles in the midsection. Mommy makeover surgery typically includes a combination of procedures, including breast augmentation or lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction, among others to help women restore their bodies to their pre-pregnancy state. The combination of procedures is customised to meet each patient’s individual needs and goals. 360-degree liposuction is often used to remove excess fat from the abdomen, flanks, hips, and back, which can create a smoother and more contoured appearance in the midsection.

360° Liposuction is typically performed under general anaesthesia, and the recovery period depends on the combination of techniques used and the areas addressed by the procedure. 


Which One Is Right For You?

The choice between traditional liposuction and 360° Liposuction ultimately depends on your individual needs and goals. If you only have a small area of excess fat that you want to address, traditional liposuction may be the best option. However, if you want to address multiple areas and achieve a more natural-looking enhanced body contours, 360° Liposuction  may be the better choice.

Traditional liposuction can be effective in removing excess fat from a specific area, but it may not provide the same level of comprehensive results as 360 ° liposuction. With 360 ° liposuction, patients can achieve a smoother, more contoured appearance throughout the midsection.  

When fat removal from either the front or back of the body can make it obvious that you have got liposuction done. But with the 360° approach, fat removal is done both on the back and the front side of the body in a controlled manner for symmetrical real-time results. The advanced lipo techniques offer the following advantages

  • Surgery performed in less time
  • Less trauma to surrounding soft tissues
  • Quicker recovery
  • Easy fat removal

Given the advantages of advanced liposuction techniques, experienced surgeons prefer taking the 360° approach for providing a smoother body contour that looks natural. 


It’s essential to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine which technique is best for you. They can evaluate your individual case, discuss your goals, and recommend the most appropriate approach to achieve the results you desire.  Though the liposuction cost in India is more affordable, don’t let cost be the only deciding factor while choosing a surgeon. 
There’s an increased awareness about VASER liposuction in Delhi and many other advanced lipo techniques. If you are considering getting 360° Liposuction done, consult with a board-certified surgeon for guaranteed results.

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