Misconceptions about Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

Misconceptions about Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is known as a cosmetic process that many women choose to revive sagging breasts and make them look younger. Many misunderstandings also exist regarding this procedure despite its popularity amongst women. Any woman who wants to undergo breast lift surgery or mastopexy must make a crucial decision. 

However, these misconceptions should not worry women or discourage them from having one done on them. Here, we will talk about some of the most popular myths about breast lift surgery.


Myth: A breast lift changes the size of the breasts

The first target of breast lift surgery is to rearrange the tissues and alter the shape of the breasts so that they become more perkier in appearance. Nevertheless, an uplifted breast will make it look fuller and rounder shaped, but they do not increase in size. A woman can have both when she would like her breasts to be bigger and higher by adding a breast augmentation as well as a breast lift. Sometimes liposuctioned fat may be used to add a little extra bigness to the breasts.


Myth: Breast Lifts leave visible and unsightly scars

Though incisions are made at the time of breast lift surgery, a board-certified surgeon will use advanced strategies or methods that can minimize the chance of scarring. Around the areola, the incisions are made at the time of surgery; however, these scars gradually improve over time and fade away. Following post-operative care instructions, such as appropriate wound dressing and sun protection, will make scars heal better.


Myth: Breast lift is permanent

A breast lift surgery can make your breasts look better for a long time. However, this surgery doesn’t stop the ageing process. As we grow older, our skins produce less collagen and elastin. With time, many women are happy with their boobs getting better, but some may choose to have them tightened again as they age later on.


Myth: Breastfeeding is not possible if you have undergone a breastlift

Many believe this misconception, but it isn’t true. Most patients can breastfeed after getting a breast lift or mastopexy done. Your surgeon modifies the technique to include and preserve as much as breast glands so that you can lactate sufficiently. Although it is usually recommended to undergo this procedure once you have completed your family because future pregnancy and breastfeeding will alter or reverse the results. However, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon must be consulted; your plastic surgeon will consider certain aspects during the procedure, depending on your future intentions. Therefore, talk over such issues with them during your preoperative visits.

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