How to Rejuvenate Your Breasts with Breast Lift Surgery

How to Rejuvenate Your Breasts with Breast Lift Surgery

Many women find that sagging breasts reduce their confidence. This sagging often happens due to changes in breast size during pregnancy, massive weight loss, or a combination of gravity and age. As a result, a woman starts feeling old due to breasts signifying youth and beauty. To re attain this and boost their confidence, women go for breast lift surgery or Mastopexy.

The surgery rejuvenates the sagging breasts and brings them back to the days of the juvenile. The surgery makes them look perkier and restores the breast tissues by removing the excess skin. Additionally, the procedure repositions the nipple-areola complex to a higher position. It makes them look more appealing and attractive and also brings them back to normal. It makes the woman feel younger, and her confidence also increases.

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

Women have always been concerned about the way their breasts look. In addition to being the symbol of femininity, breasts make a woman feel more confident. Irrespective of their shape and size, breasts empower a woman with self-esteem. Therefore, it becomes essential for a woman to look after them as women grow old, and so does their body.

One of the most significant benefits of Mastopexy is that it restores the breast to its normal position and brings back a woman’s lost charm and confidence. This surgery is for any woman who feels that her breast has lost youthfulness and wants it back.

It is also important to remember that Mastopexy only lifts the breasts. It does not augment, i.e. add volume to your breasts at all. Nor does this surgery reduce the size of your breast. For those specific changes, you need to opt for breast augmentation surgery or breast reduction surgery alongside the lift surgery.

Mastopexy offers the following benefits:


  1. The surgery makes your breasts appear youthful.
    The surgery makes your breast appear more youthful as it uplifts them and reduces the sign of sagging. It also improves perkiness by pointing the nipple upwards.
  2. It improves the overall body contour.
    Breast upliftment helps you contour and reshape your body while achieving symmetry in the breasts and overall body proportions. The results change the way your body looks.
  3. It helps you achieve any desired roundness or fullness.
    With the help of Mastopexy alongside breast augmentation surgery or breast reduction surgery, you can achieve any desired roundness and fullness. The augmentation surgery adds volume to your breast, while the reduction surgery helps you reduce your breast size.
  4. The procedure involves the reorientation of the nipple-areola complex, which makes them perkier.
    The nipple-areola complex is reoriented in the procedure, which overall makes them perkier.
  5. It reduces breast-related irritation.
    After the breast lift surgery, saggy breasts convert to tighter breasts that reduce irritation in the area.
  6. It ensures appealing breasts.
    The surgery, all in all, makes your breast look more appealing as it returns to its normal position. The surgery ensures that the breast looks attractive and adds to your confidence.

Therefore, this surgery brings several benefits to patients opting for it. Now that we understand why people undergo this procedure, we can understand the steps involved in Mastopexy.

The Procedure for Breast Lift Surgery

Before you go for the surgery, you need to understand the mastopexy procedure in its entirety.

The surgery begins with general anaesthesia, after which comes the incision process. There are two types of incisions involved in upliftment surgery. The first one is called the periareolar incision. This kind of incision is used if you have minimum sagging and an excess amount of skin. Your surgeon then cuts around the nipple-areola complex, where the darker areola meets the lighter skin of your breast. This technique helps attain a much natural upliftment with minimum visible scars.

The other kind is an inframammary incision, used if you have very saggy breasts and excess skin. This incision extends from the periareolar line towards the underside of the breast. This incision looks like a lollipop, and the scar is more visible, which vanishes away by the end of the recovery period. These incisions help your surgeon remove excess skin and reposition the tissue to add fullness during breast lift surgery. If you have a significantly large areola, your surgeon can reduce their size, too, during the procedure.

If you want breast reduction or augmentation, your surgeon performs these procedures simultaneously during this step. They can remove excess breast tissue along with skin excision or place implants or graft fat, depending on the results you desire.

After the desired and perfect breast look is achieved, the surgeon closes the incision with absorbable sutures. The surgeon further covers your breasts with a compression garment made just for you and your perfect breasts. Due to the nature of breast skin, any initially conspicuous scars fade almost entirely over the recovery period.

Recovery Period After Breast Lift Surgery

The patient is discharged on the same day of the Mastopexy and is asked to wear the customised compression garment or a sports bra for the next six weeks. The results are visible, but it takes some time until the actual effects of the surgery come out. After six months, the scars fade away to an extent, and the breasts look naturally appealing and perkier than before.

The patient needs to follow some guidelines that suggest visiting the surgeon at pre-fixed time intervals. They can resume their regular work from the 3rd day after surgery and take five-day medications to reduce pain and swelling. You must also avoid lifting anything heavy for six weeks while waiting for the scar to mature.

By the 6-month mark, your breasts should have settled into their final form. Even if you combine this with augmentation or breast reduction surgery, you will undergo this same recovery timeline. As long as you have a compassionate and accomplished gold-medallist plastic surgeon in gurgaon like Dr Priya Bansal, you get excellent results that rejuvenate your breasts and restore their perkiness to the exact size you desire!

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