6 Pack Abs – What Kind of Science is Making them Easy to Get and Effective Too?

Six Pack Abs Surgery

6 Pack Abs – What Kind of Science is Making them Easy to Get and Effective Too?

Physical fitness and appearance are highly valued and desired in this day and age. All of the young men and women are sweating it out in the gym. A significant amount of time and effort is spent in order to achieve the desired appearance. And these days, everyone wants 6 pack abs!


People are awestruck by the way a sculpted abdomen can improve their overall appearance. Many people try their hardest to get a 6 pack but are disappointed when they are unable to do so. Despite spending hours exercising and implementing lifestyle and dietary changes, some people do not see results.

Then what is the remedy?

Is there any science that can help such 6-pack abs aspirants?

Yes, there is! It is known as Abdominal Etching in the world of aesthetic surgeries.

Let us understand it in detail.



What is abdominal etching?

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Abdominal etching is a plastic surgery procedure that gives the abdomen the appearance of a 6 pack. It is a type of liposuction / lipo-sculpture procedure that removes fat in pockets from the abdominal region using hi-def liposuction tools such as VASER. The procedure involves making incisions around the belly button and removing fat from various abdominal areas while leaving a certain amount of fat over the muscles to give a sculpted look. The term “etching” refers to the sculpting/chiselling of the 6-pack abs. 6 pack abs surgery or abdominal etching is best for people who are at their ideal weight but have difficulty losing stubborn fat from the abdominal regions. Before deciding on abdominal etching, some patients consider a tummy tuck or liposuction procedure. They can achieve well-defined 6-pack abs look this way.


Individuals can also achieve designer abs through 6-pack abs surgery or high-definition liposuction, which uses your natural abdominal contours. Dr Priya Bansal specialises in creating these designer abs without leaving scars. Her speciality is using advanced liposuction technology such as BodyTite to enhance the already promising outcome further: tighter skin, natural and ripped abs.


Experienced surgeons such as Dr Priya Bansal will use the following devices for washboard abs:


PAL (Power-Assisted Liposuction): MicroAire, which is used in PAL, generates a light oscillating motion that easily passes through toughened fibrous fat tissues with great precision. Because there is little damage to the fat cells, Dr. Bansal can use the excess fat for homologous grafting.


Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL): This procedure employs ultrasound technology to soften the underlying fat and make it easier to remove. Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy and Resonance is the device used (VASER). VASER is the industry’s most advanced, sophisticated, minimally invasive liposuction technology, with painless execution.


Following liposuction, the ultra-modern BodyTite device, which employs Radio Frequency energy, emphasises the abdominal contours and tightens the skin. This device adds the finishing touches to your 6 pack abs surgery by tightening and smoothing the skin, giving you washboard abs.


If you’re wondering what the difference between liposuction surgery and abdominal etching is, let us talk about that too.


Liposuction is also a science-based procedure that uses a suction device to remove stubborn fat from anywhere on the body, including the abdomen. On the other hand, abdominal etching is a procedure that should be considered if a person has good abdominal muscles and a moderate amount of fat that needs to be removed. An experienced surgeon can advise you on whether to consider liposuction surgery before deciding on an abdominal etching procedure.



The Benefits of Ab-Etching

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As people age, their metabolism slows significantly, making the desired abdominal contour only possible through cosmetic procedures. With abdominal etching, people can get well-contoured abs that they can keep up regularly. If the person gains weight, the treatment’s effect will suffer. Therefore, it is critical to maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.


The good news is that abdominal etching can be completed in 1-2 hours, and the results will be visible in three to 6 months. Men’s abdominal etching is becoming increasingly popular worldwide because it is the only way to achieve the desired look, even if ageing-related issues become a hindrance. 



What are the risks and prerequisites for Abdominal Etching?


Abdominal etching is usually a low-risk procedure. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are minor risks. Some of these are swelling, infection, uneven abdominal contouring, nerve damage, fluid accumulation, and others. 


To avoid these risks and get the best-looking results, patients must choose a board-certified surgeon who specialises in the procedure. Furthermore, to avoid complications, patients must disclose all pre-existing medical conditions and any allergic reactions in the first consultation session.


Here is a list of questions aspiring individuals must ask their surgeons:


1. What exactly are 6-pack abs?

A 6 pack abs refers to muscle segments separated by a horizontal intersection. People can have anywhere from two to twelve muscle abs. The most common and preferred abs or well-defined abdominal muscles are the 6 pack abs.


2. Is it possible to get a 6-pack after surgery?

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Yes, abs-etching is a common surgical procedure used to achieve 6-pack abs. This is ideal for people with slim features who want to highlight well-defined abdominal muscles.


3. Can just getting Liposuction done give me 6 pack abs?

Liposuction can aid in the removal of stubborn fat and the formation of defined abs. The outcome is determined by the type of liposuction used and the amount of fat removed.


4. Does abdominal etching last forever?

As long as there is no significant weight loss or gain following the procedure, the results of abdominal etching are permanent.


5. Is getting a 6 pack surgically worth it?

Many people believe that having 6 pack abs is worthwhile. This is primarily because the individual feels better with less fat in the body. It can also boost many people’s confidence, enabling them to achieve better in life.


6. Does everyone have a 6 pack underneath their fat?

Everyone has four major abdominal muscles, which result in abs beneath the fat. A person’s age, genetics, and how strict their exercise and diet routines are all factors in achieving 6, 8, or 4-pack abs.


7. How can I keep the fat at bay after my tummy tuck procedure?

One must switch to sugar-free and protein-rich meals to avoid the fat layers. Regular and strenuous exercise is also required to keep the fat accumulation at bay. Good sleep, rest, and nutrition can all help, but a nutritionist-created diet plan can be even more beneficial.


8. Is it possible to get ab etching with a tummy tuck?

Yes, it is possible to combine two procedures to achieve the desired results. Combining these procedures has numerous advantages, including less downtime and better overall results.


With this knowledge about Abdominal Etching, you are all equipped to gain the benefits of this advantageous scientific method of getting 6-pack abs. If you are ready, book your consultation with Dr Priya Bansal, one of the most reputed plastic surgeons in Delhi with 12 plus years of experience performing 6-pack ab surgeries, a.k.a abdominal etching. 


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