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The Importance of Choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

The recent popularity of minimally invasive "break-time" treatments such as lip augmentation and dermal fillers has resulted in a market saturation of medical practitioners offering facial rejuvenation, many of whom do not have board certification. While getting a collagen boost and plumper cheeks with an injectable may appear non-invasive and risk-free, serious complications can...

Six Pack Abs Surgery

6 Pack Abs – What Kind of Science is Making them Easy to Get and Effective Too?

Physical fitness and appearance are highly valued and desired in this day and age. All of the young men and women are sweating it out in the gym. A significant amount of time and effort is spent in order to achieve the desired appearance. And these days, everyone wants 6 pack abs!   People are awestruck...

Plastic surgeon in India

What Should I Expect in a Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi Consultation?

A consultation is a combination of an interview, a learning opportunity, and a chance for you to consider what cosmetic surgery in Delhi might be able to do for you. This two-way conversation needs to start with the following: The right cosmetic surgery choice Ideal Surgical Technique Selection of Surgeon You can acquire these answers by consulting your...