What is the Right Plastic Surgery for Dimple Creation?

Dimple creation Surgery

What is the Right Plastic Surgery for Dimple Creation?

Is it a mystery why you don’t have dimples when you find them so adorable?

While dimples are a rare facial feature, most of us who don’t have them yearn for them. This could be the reason why many people find dimples attractive. Culturally dimples are a sign of good luck and help to remember a face.

The obsession with dimples is so much that many of us end up poking our cheeks more often with things that could be dangerous. Could this be the only way to get dimples? No!

The right way to get dimples is to undergo dimple surgery.



What is Dimple Creation Surgery?

Dimple Creation surgery

With Dimple Surgery or Dimpleplasty, you can get dimples from a qualified and board certified plastic surgeon, with no visible scarring. This outpatient surgery typically takes 30 minutes and can be performed on both male and female patients.

You can get your dimples removed by a dimpleplasty as well.

After consulting with you, your plastic surgeon would mark your desired position for dimples. The surgeon will administer local anaesthesia, following which a small incision is made inside your cheek from your mouth. This prevents any permanent scarring and gives a more natural look to your dimples. In order to close the inside of the cheek, dissolvable sutures are administered.

This innovative surgery has made dimple surgery in India easily possible without any pain. In the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon, the dimple creation procedure is safe as well.



Do you qualify for the procedure?

Anyone above 18 with good physical health can be a candidate for dimple surgery in India. Your surgeon will go through your medical history and understand your expectations from the surgery. During the consultation, the surgeon and the patient conclude if you are an ideal candidate for the surgery.



What is the recovery time?   

Following surgery, you can go home right away and can start eating after two to three hours. In case of bruising or swelling, apply ice packs. After two days of surgery, you can return to your normal routine and diet.

Recovery will be facilitated if you follow the aftercare instructions given by your surgeon.



Will the dimples last?

Dimples will be permanent and will not fade away unless the suture breaks during the healing process. Such instances happen rarely.

Initially, the dimples are static and will be visible on your face irrespective of your expressions. However, after recovery, it will only appear when you smile.



Whom should you approach for Dimple Surgery?

Although simple, this surgery requires the skill and expertise of a qualified surgeon with experience. Get in touch with Dr Priya Bansal, who won a Gold Medal for her surgical skills and expertise. She is also one of the most prominent cosmetic surgeon in Delhi and a board-certified plastic surgeon.


Dr Priya Bansal - Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Priya Bansal

Board-certified plastic surgeon

Dr Priya Bansal is a gold medalist plastic and cosmetic surgeon  with a Plastic Surgery degree from Maulana Azad Medical College and 12+ years of experience in plastic surgery. She specialises in high-def liposuction, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift and breast procedures for body contouring and sculpting. 

To book an appointment, call: +91- 7827848749 or email: contact@drpriyabansal.com.

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