Can I Get the Mommy Makeover Surgeries at a Gap of a Few Months?

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Can I Get the Mommy Makeover Surgeries at a Gap of a Few Months?

A mommy makeover surgery is a practical way to get your body back to how it was before becoming pregnant. If you’re thinking about getting a mommy makeover, you might need clarification on how long you should wait to go through this life-changing treatment after giving birth.


It’s a prevalent myth that mommy makeovers may restore patients’ former physical appearances a few weeks after giving birth. Surgery at this point would not be appropriate and would not yield the best results.


The ideal moment for you will be determined by your particular individual situation, such as:

  • Your recovery time following delivery
  • How motherhood’s challenges affect you
  • Your family’s future plans


After giving birth, new mothers should wait at least six months before getting any cosmetic surgery. In some circumstances, waiting a full year might be preferable. 

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Healing Well After Childbirth for Mommy Makeover Surgery

Your body will require time to recuperate from the alterations during pregnancy after delivery. For the first few months after giving birth, your breasts and abdomen will normally contract back to their pre-pregnancy state, which can be prolonged by breastfeeding.


Allow your body space to go through this transition so that D Priya Bansal may create a personalised mommy makeover treatment that considers your particular demands and objectives. 



Post-Operative Limitations and Motherhood’s Requirements

Even if you want to get a mommy makeover as promptly as possible, you should ensure you have space for the recovery period. For a while, you’ll need to refrain from lifting and bending.


These limitations could make it challenging for you to provide for your child. For this reason, you might want to hold off on having the surgery done until your child is a bit older. 



Family Objectives and Surgical Outcomes

Finally, while choosing the right time for your mommy makeover, it’s crucial to consider future family plans. Future pregnancies may negatively affect your aesthetic changes.


Wait to get surgery when your family is complete for stunning mommy makeover outcomes that will last for years. 




When you are done growing your family, it is the ideal moment to have a mommy makeover. If you end up becoming pregnant following surgery, it won’t have any impact on the baby at all.


Contrary to common assumption, a mommy makeover surgery cannot instantly transform patients back to their pre-baby selves just weeks or months after giving birth. 


Having surgery soon after giving birth is risky because pregnancy and childbirth place a great deal of strain on your body. According to any qualified plastic surgeon, you must wait at least six months after giving birth before having invasive plastic surgery. 


Dr Priya Bansal, a board-certified plastic surgeon, can assist you in choosing the best time to have a mommy makeover. Dr Bansal is a mother and knows the factors you must weigh when making this choice.

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