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A beautiful you is the key to a more confident, happy you. We are not talking about beauty standards as defined by someone else, we are talking about beauty as you perceive it. This can pertain to any part of your body, including your breasts. Advanced procedures in cosmetic surgery today provide the key to attaining your vision for yourself. One such procedure is breast augmentation surgery.      Before & After Result

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation, also referred to as Mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery performed to enhance the breast size in women. Basically, Mammoplasty is an umbrella term under which the two categories of the procedure fall:

Breast Enhancements using Implants: This procedure involves using silicone gel implants that are placed under the breast to give it more volume and proper shape. There are several types of implants available, but the use of FDA approved silicone gel is highly recommended. These are the few implants that come under this procedure:

  • Nano-Textured Implants: Nano-textured implants give a more natural look to the breast and are made with highly advanced technology. The texture is smooth and is translucent to look at.
  • Smooth Implants: Smooth implants give a more natural look and a lesser chance of ripple once placed. These implants have thinner skin that gives them a smooth touch.
  • Textured Implants: These textured implants have a slightly rough touch. Textured implants do get displaced easily. These are also associated with breast cancer as well.
  • Saline Implants: Saline breast implants have a sterile saline solution as filler. They either have smooth or textured touch. Some are pre-filled, and some are filled once placed in the breast pockets made by the surgeon.

Breast Enhancement using Fat Grafts: Fat grafting is widely popular these days. In this process, the fats are extracted from other parts of the body using standard liposuction and injected into the breast to give it a fuller look. Fat grafting procedure gives a natural and aesthetically pleasing breast contour. This is the best procedure is you are looking to enhance the breast by a maximum of one cup.

If you want to go more than one cup, then you must go for a breast implant.

Breast Augmentation: Before and After

Dr Priya Bansal has a long list of happy patients with a renewed confidence in facing life, and she considers it her most credible achievement. Breast reduction surgery can improve your quality of life and make you feel at peace with your body. Take a look at the before after images here.

Breast augmentation surgery in Gurgaon

Are you the Viable Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Below are some points that will make you understand if you are a right candidate for breast augmentation:

  • I have a small breast profile
  • I want a deeper cleavage
  • My breast has lost volume, as I have crossed 40 and breastfed 2 children
  • M breast size is asymmetrical, which makes me very under-confident while going out
  • I have lost weight, and due to that, my breast seems to be saggy and has lost volume as well
  • My shoulder, hip, and butt are bigger than my breast size

Suppose you think you relate to any of the points mentioned above. In that case, you need to consult a board-certified doctor to give you a better insight into the procedure and correct any kind of abnormality.

Understanding the Process of Breast Augmentation

There are 4 phases you need to go through before the surgical process for a beautiful body and a happy result.


Breast augmentation surgery in DelhiDecision Phase

So, the first phase would be the decision phase, where you need to research more about the procedure, the implication of the surgery on your lifestyle, and if you really need it. As breast augmentation is a delicate process, you must look for the best plastic surgeon in India to ensure a safe and healthy procedure.

The plastic surgeon you are going for must be proficient with the latest technology and must be able to use FDA approved surgical techniques. 

You must also clear out the misconception about the breast implant, of what it does to your breast, and what it does not. Well, breast augmentation does not do the following to your breast:

  • Dislocate your nipple
  • Give unnatural shape to your breast
  • Give you a breast that is too large for your body

Rather, it will:

  • Increase the volume, giving them the desired shape
  • Give them an asymmetrical look
  • Bring hip and breast in coordination
  • Improve the projection
  • Make you feel confident and happy!

Planning Phase

Then comes the planning phase. After you know what a breast augmentation can and cannot do, and select a surgeon of your choice, now is the time to prepare a road map to the surgery procedure. This includes consulting the surgeon to discuss your requirement and, showing 3D stimulation, reworking the plan to finalise a better result.  

This phase also includes the procedure type and the implants that will be used. The surgeon will also determine the incision site and the implants. During this phase, your medical history will be evaluated to make adjustments to the surgeon’s medications. 

During this phase, you will be advised to follow the below protocols:

  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid drugs or any unprescribed medicines 
  • Avoid food that contains salicylates (a compound that makes blood thinner), such as apples, cucumbers, grapes, strawberries, and many more.

Procedure Phase

It is a day procedure, and you will be discharged the same day. During the procedure:

  • You are given local or general anaesthesia
  • Incisions are made along the armpit, fold under the breast, or areolar edge, depending upon the surgery
  • Implants are placed (can be natural or silicone), as decided during the planning of the procedure
  • The implants are placed either behind the pectoral muscle or behind the breast tissue
  • Lastly, the incisions are closed with sutures. 

The sutures are planned so that the scars are rarely visible to the naked eyes. However, the scars fade away slowly.

Recovery Phase

Well, the recovery depends on the type of surgery performed. However, for a fast and smooth recovery, following all the surgeon’s instructions is advised. 

  • Swelling, bruises may last from 1 – 4 weeks. 
  • The breast will change the look for 2 – 3 months before they reach their final position to settle in.

Instructions to be followed post-surgery:

  • Only normal and routine walks are acceptable.
  • No heavy work – outpost the surgery
  • No bra for at least 3 – 4 weeks of the surgery
  • Consult your surgeon before resuming any activities, like work–out
  • Reach out to your doctor immediately, if any discomfort occurs

Breast augmentation is the ideal surgery if you’re desiring for large breasts. It is a surgical procedure that leads to enhancement of the breast to a more desired size.

There is no singular solution to this question, as with most plastic surgeries. The cost of breast augmentation  is determined by the type and size of implants required, surgeon’s expertise, the care provided by the centre, and the technique used by the surgeon.

The recovery procedure goes without a problem. When done by a specialist, breast augmentation takes only one day, and you may go home the same day. You’ll be able to resume exercise in a week after five days of medication and painkillers!

The type of cut you get, i.e. the location of the incision, determines the technique for breast augmentation. However, each incision has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider with your surgeon before proceeding with the treatment.

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    Points to Remember

    Breast augmentation is a safe procedure if you consult a highly-skilled surgeon. All the side effects and the risk involved can be minimised or eliminated if you are in safe hands. Well, if we talk about the best board-certified plastic surgeon, then Dr Priya Bansal is one of the most reputed plastic surgeons in India.

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