Arm Lift Surgery or Liposuction – Which is the Right Option?

Arm Lift vs Arm Liposuction

Arm Lift Surgery or Liposuction – Which is the Right Option?

Are you one of those people dreaming of wearing their favourite sleeveless shirt and tank top but are worried about the unappealing looks of their arms? 

Time to leave your worries as we are here to help you! Keep reading to know how.

Two cosmetic treatment options – Liposuction surgery and arm lift surgery are there to help those who have flabby arms due to excess skin and fat. However, both treatment options are quite different in terms of how they are performed and who they are intended to help. 

Let us find out which is the right option for your problem!

Arm Lift vs Arm Liposuction – Ideal Option?



Liposuction for Excess Fat

arm lift surgery

Liposuction is generally the best option if excess fat is giving your arms a flabby or bulky appearance. Liposuction is widely praised for fat removal by plastic surgeons, and it is frequently utilised to achieve a slimmer and more attractive arm shape.

Your surgeon will make tiny incisions on the arm, and a thin tube called a cannula is inserted during arm liposuction. The surgeon will move the cannula in a back and forth motion to break the fat through it. A suction device is linked to the cannula, which gently removes the undesired fat. Almost soon after surgery, the arms appear flatter and firmer, with the results improving as the arms recover.

Liposuction generally leaves no visible scars due to the tiny incisions used to place the cannula.



Is Liposuction right for you? 

Since the Liposuction surgery in Delhi eliminates fat and does not repair loose or sagging skin, it is best for people who have very minimal skin laxity. Even after the fat in the arms has been removed, the skin might stay as it was initially. Therefore, the Liposuction is right for younger patients who have complete confidence in their fresh, firmer skin. 



Arm Lift Surgery 

arm lift surgery

The arm lift is the better option for you if you have loose, drooping skin on your upper arms and little pockets of extra fat. It enables the board-certified plastic surgeons to sculpt and tone the upper arms from armpit to elbow. Liposuction eliminates fat but does nothing about loose skin. 

Incisions are created in the armpit area and extend down the inside part of the arm during an arm lift. Excess skin is removed, and these incisions tighten loose tissues. If necessary, liposuction procedures might be used to eliminate localised fat pockets. Over the reduced arm shape, the remaining skin is contoured more firmly.



Is Arm lift right for you?

Arm lifts are beneficial for those who have lost a large amount of weight, especially through weight reduction surgery and whose skin cannot tighten over their smaller arms. 


Now the question is – Is it good to go for both at once?

If the perks of both treatments seem appealing to you, you can get both an arm lift and liposuction surgery in Delhi at the same time. Excess skin cannot be removed with liposuction. Excess skin can be removed with an arm lift only. However, both of these objectives may be attained while delivering amazing outcomes if pursued simultaneously.


Everyone should appreciate how they appear. Dr Priya Bansal‘s objective is for every patient to be entirely happy with the way their body appears and feels when they leave her clinic.


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