What are the Different Types of Face Lift?

Facelift Surgery in Delhi

What are the Different Types of Face Lift?

Lines look good on notebooks, not on faces.

Wrinkles, crow feet, and sagging skin are all signs of ageing.

With age, your facial appearance changes. Elasticity in your skin decreases, and our face appears duller as we grow older. Wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots are hard to ignore. Even fat deposits get unevenly distributed under some parts of our skin.

Today, with advances in medical and cosmetic surgery, we can now maintain our looks longer. Rhytidectomy, the medical term for cosmetic facial surgery, works by repositioning and tightening the skin. Facelift has been around for more than a century. Over time, the medical procedure has been perfected, targeting specific problems which created several types of facelift surgery in Delhi and across the globe.

Several types of rhytidectomy target a specific area of the face. Types of facelifts include:



Classic Facelift

Classic facelift surgery involves a comprehensive approach, targeting all areas of the facial region in order to reverse the notable signs of ageing. Areas around the ear, chin, and hairline are marked where incisions are made to reposition the skin. Facelift surgeons are proficient at hiding any scars if present. In addition, a good facelift is characterised by the fact that people cannot tell you’ve had one.

This approach significantly improves uniformity and makes a person appear younger. The skilled hands of Dr Priya Bansal perform these enhancements in a way that looks natural.

Facelift Surgery


Endoscopic Face lift

Endoscopic Facelift is affordable compared to other types of facelifts and involves minimal risks. The recovery period is also considerably shorter than that following a classic facelift.

It involves an endoscope (a small camera) inserted through a small incision, allowing plastic surgeons to access hard-to-reach areas such as the neck, fine creases around the mouth and nose, midface, and areas under the eyebrow.



Mini Facelift

A mini Facelift surgery is less invasive than other forms of a facelift. It involves making small incisions around the ears and under the hairline. The incisions allow the surgeon to tighten the skin and remove excess tissue, improving the appearance of the neck and jawline.

People with early signs of facial sagging but are younger are typically recommended mini facelifts by facelift surgeons.



Liquid Face Lift

There is no doubt that liquid facelifts are currently the most popular method of facial rejuvenation being practised by leading plastic surgeons across the globe. Most facelift surgeons administer dermal fillers in their clinics because they are minimally invasive.

Dermal fillers, a gel-like substance, are injected under the skin to add volume and tighten the skin. Some common examples of dermal fillers are Voluma, Restylane: types of hyaluronic acid and other FDA approved fillers. Dermal fillers are an excellent way to delay or prevent the need for a more invasive facelift.

For any cosmetic surgery, consult board certified facelift surgeons. Dr Priya Bansal, a gold medallist for her surgical experience and skills, performs facelift surgery in Delhi. If you are still unsure which facelift is right for you, contact and book an appointment today!

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