Understanding the Importance of Breast Reduction Surgery

Understanding the Importance of Breast Reduction Surgery

While large breasts are contemplated as an elegant element of feminine beauty, the reality many perceive is contradictory. A larger breast size presents with both physical and mental complications. Big-sized breasts may be due to various pathological, physiological or genetic reasons. Usually, large-sized breasts are the result of a condition called virginal hypertrophy or breast hypertrophy. You can only treat these conditions through breast reduction surgery or mammoplasty.

Many people are under the misconception that mammoplasty has only cosmetic aspects. However, the health benefits behind this remain concealed, creating an unfortunate lack of awareness about the procedure. It is important to note that breast reduction can vastly improve your mental and physical health equally.

How Breast Reduction Surgery Improves Your Health

Many women refrain from exercise and workouts due to their heavy breasts. Resorting to any activity or exercise becomes challenging as they encounter discomfort and pain. It becomes challenging to do cardio or HIIT-style training. Moreover, finding affordable sports bras for larger chests is an arduous task.

Breast reduction surgery helps them enjoy exercising and workouts. Any uneasiness they confronted with heavy breasts would no longer bother them, and they are free to do any exercise according to their choice without any physical obstacle. Hence mammoplasty aids to keep their health fit and fine.

Alongside enabling exercise and workouts, reduction mammoplasty also achieves a few other health improvements. These include the following.

Breast Reduction Surgery Prevents Infections

With pendulous breasts, the creases under the breast region sweat and accumulate moisture. The moisture serves as the apt environment for the growth of bacteria, fungal infections, rashes and itching in the area. Through breast reduction, you tend to avoid these health issues along with an aesthetic appearance.

Breast Reduction Alleviates Pain

Whether this includes the severe back, neck, and shoulder ache that accompanies a large chest or the bra strap cutting into the shoulder, reduction mammoplasty counters it all. The excruciating pain caused by a weighted chest and hunching forward can often require medication, driving unnecessary mounting costs. Mammoplasty negates this by reducing the hypertrophied breast tissue.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Gurgaon

Breast Reduction Surgery Improves Self-Esteem

With all these benefits comes the unparalleled joy of self-confidence. Heavy breasts can often cause embarrassment either by drooping or by creating a highly pronounced cleavage. The pain and lack of workout capability compound this, adding to the lowered self-esteem. Mammoplasty, therefore, significantly boosts self-image, allowing women to feel comfortable in their bodies.

Therefore, reduction mammoplasty improves both the physical and mental health of women who undergo the procedure. This makes it a crucial approach whose benefits go far beyond the cosmetic.

How does breast reduction surgery achieve all these results? Read on to find out.

Preoperative Preparations

Expert surgeons at well-equipped centres use the most advanced Crisalix 3D simulation technology, also known as boob goggles. This innovative tool helps women assess their postoperative appearance regarding breast size and structure before the surgery. This gives you clarity of the outcome in advance. During this phase, you can also determine if you want breast lift surgery alongside reduction mammoplasty for perkier results.

Like any major surgical procedure, complete routine investigations are required, including the usual blood tests, mammography, etc. You must also refrain from smoking before and after the surgery. If you are on any medication, especially anticoagulants, you must inform your doctor. You may need to discontinue these medications based on your surgeon’s guidelines to control bleeding during surgery.

How is breast reduction surgery done?

Mammoplasty is a daycare procedure that does not require a lengthy hospital stay. You are discharged either the same day or within twenty-four hours of surgery. The specific process required for the surgery varies on both doctor and patient.

The procedure begins with your surgeon placing you under general anaesthesia to minimize the uneasiness. The surgeon proceeds with an incision around the areolar region and vertically down the underneath of the breast crease, the inframammary incision, followed by the excision or removal of the excessive fat, skin, and breast tissue.

If you want to incorporate breast lift surgery, your surgeon removes your nipple-areola complex, resecuring it at an elevated position. Once your surgeon reshapes your breasts and repositions the nipple and areola, they secure it with sutures and maintain the breasts’ symmetry.

Post-Operative Care

Post-surgery, your breasts are dressed up with gauze and bandages. A catheter or tube is inserted underarms for any drainage of excessive blood. Your post-operative care includes the following:

  • Administration of analgesics:Painkillers and antibiotics curtail any infection and enhance wound healing.
  • Elastic compression bra: This is a tight-fitting garment that adheres to your chest. It compresses the muscles and aids healing. It prevents abnormal swelling, removes the strain on sutures and reduces postoperative bruises. Underwire bras are to be avoided until complete recovery.
  • Absolute rest is recommended until the wound heals.
  • Refrain from physical activity.
  • Avoid lifting arms until you recover completely.
  • During the initial phase of recovery, you will sense tenderness swollen and sensitive
  • You should follow up with the review visits to assess the recovery and rule out any infection.
  • Scarring fades over time.

Although the outcome of the surgery can be evident immediately, it takes a few weeks to months for the swelling to diminish completely. It is dependent mainly on the meticulous postoperative care you follow.

Successful breast reduction surgery alleviates your pain and heaviness of the upper back, neck and shoulders.  Thus, it improves the quality of your life while enabling physical fitness with active participation in exercise and sports. As a result, your new physical appearance enhances your self-esteem.

It is important to remember that such results are only possible at the hand of an experienced surgeon. As a gold medallist plastic surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr Priya Bansal fits this bill, ensuring the best outcome with the latest, sophisticated technology and infrastructure. Her goal is to give her patients comfort and confidence physically and mentally by eliminating any social and sexual awkwardness they may feel due to their large chests.

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Dr Priya Bansal

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Dr Priya Bansal is a gold medalist plastic and cosmetic surgeon  with a Plastic Surgery degree from Maulana Azad Medical College and 11+ years of experience in plastic surgery. She specialises in high-def liposuction, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift and breast procedures for body contouring and sculpting. 

To book an appointment, call: +91- 7827848749 or email: contact@drpriyabansal.com.

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