Why Should You Opt for Breast Shaping Surgeries and Not Ignore Your Breast Health

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Why Should You Opt for Breast Shaping Surgeries and Not Ignore Your Breast Health

Breast awareness, or learning what’s usual for you and what is needed, is the first step in maintaining good breast health. Knowing how your breasts typically feel will make it simpler to recognise changes. You’ll eventually learn how your menstrual cycle, age, and other factors affect the sensitivity and texture of your breasts at certain times.


Most women undergo bosom changes as they age. Therefore it’s crucial to be aware of your breast from, size, shape and texture and keep an eye out for any modifications. You must get in touch with your doctor if you find something drastically unusual. 


Also, it is crucial to keep your breasts in good condition, and most women still don’t fully understand how to do that. Taking care of your breasts is not difficult; all it takes is making positive changes to your lifestyle eating habits and making good decisions for breast shaping like breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift surgery to attain the desired breast shape.  



Breast Introspection Before Breast Surgery

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At every stage of life, you must keep self-examining your breasts by following a few simple steps.


You can spot subtle changes in your breast when you pay great attention to them. As a result, you can tell your doctor about any changes if you feel uncomfortable with them.


Once a month, breast self-examination is sufficient to detect any changes. Things to consider when self-examining:

  • Breast swelling, discolouration, warmth, or redness
  • Breast rashes and scars
  • Change in your breast’s size or shape
  • Breast bulge and hardening of the breast
  • Nipple Discharge
  • You feel a sharp discomfort in one part of your breast 
  • Breast shape is not appealing enough


When performing the self-examination, you should promptly inform your female plastic surgeon if you experience any of the above mentioned problems.


In most cases of breast disorders, if the problem is diagnosed in the very early stages, a breast surgery can help to eliminate further health risks by nipping the problem in the bud. 



Surgeries Performed for Breast Health 

Women suffering from breast related disorders often lose their feminine beauty and as a result lose their confidence too. However, science of plastic surgery presents multiple solutions for breast rejuvenation. 


An expert female plastic surgeon can perform breast reconstruction combined with breast shaping to provide natural looking breasts. Not just this, a surgery performed by a qualified and expereinced board-certified plastic surgeon provides the results that feel extremely natural too.


Following surgeries are performed by an oncosurgeon to meet the medical purpose:


Breast cancer surgery (lumpectomy, mastectomy): All or a portion of the breast and any adjacent lymph nodes are removed to eradicate the malignancy. 


Preventive surgery (mastectomy): Breasts may occasionally be replaced to lower the risk of breast cancer.


Non-cancerous breast lump removal: Some non-cancerous breast masses may require removal.


Breast reduction: Breast size is reduced to lower physical discomfort. However, female plastic surgeons perform this surgery for aesthetic purposes as well. 


The following surgeries are performed to meet aesthetic purposes:


Breast Augmentation: This is done to increase the size of breasts via the implant method or fat grafting method. 

Source Image: Dr Priya Bansal 


Breast Reduction: This is performed to reduce the volume and size of heavy breasts to make them proportionate to the rest of the body. 


Breast Reconstruction: This is usually performed after breast cancer surgery. It is the best choice if there have been injuries to the breasts, particularly the nipple, or if you want to modify the way it looks.


You may require breast surgery for various medical conditions, including breast cancer, benign breast growths, and back pain relief from breast reduction surgery. There are also aesthetic factors, like a person’s desire to have a breast of a different size, shape, or look (s).



What to Expect Post Breast Augmentation or Other Breast Surgery?

After surgery, your healthcare practitioner will keep a watchful eye on you. Your surgeon will provide gauze dressings, an elastic bandage, or a support bra for you. These will help to support your breasts as they heal and reduce swelling. You’ll be given instructions and be told when to return. The surgeon can provide a prescription for painkillers to you.


The most important is to be always aware of your breast health even after breast reconstruction or breast shaping surgeries. Go for a complete examination and consultation with a reputed surgeon to know your options depending on your physical aesthetics and medical health and go for the best suited one. 



Breast education and awareness initiatives encourage women to be more careful and reduce the stigma around breast disorders offering mutliple surgical solutions. Being a female plastic surgeon, Dr Priya Bansal understands a woman’s concerns related to breasts and facilitates the best desirable output.

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