Patient Got Rid of Many Health and Mental Issues After a Tummy Tuck Surgery!

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Patient Got Rid of Many Health and Mental Issues After a Tummy Tuck Surgery!

Physical appearance matters a lot, especially when you have a narcissistic mentality. Ishita Mukherjee is one of our patients who loves socializing and was quite popular in her friend circle mainly because of her aesthetically appealing sculpted body and tall height. However, post-pregnancy, Ishita experienced many changes in her body that affected her mentally as she was concerned about her looks. 


Ishita was aware of the changes from pregnancy. Her dissatisfaction with her physical appearance had a negative impact on her relationships, including her marriage and her enjoyment of motherhood. She was also apprehensive about contemplating surgery. 



Ishita’s Consultation with Dr Priya Bansal

I was not much sure about choosing surgery for my problem. Therefore, one of my close friends gave me the contact number of Dr Bansal. I was a bit nervous for my first session with her. However, it turned out to be surprisingly amazing. During my consultation, she made sure I’m comfortable enough to discuss my body issues with her. Dr Bansal helped me understand the solution for my major concern – the unappealing stomach fat! 



My Preparation for the Surgery Beforehand

I concentrated on preparing for the surgery and recovery when I found my surgeon. There were a lot of preparations to be made as a mother of two small children. I made sure they had help lined up and that my husband acknowledged that I wouldn’t be able to handle my normal activities while I was recovering.


Since I’m always concerned about my looks. However, as I prepared for surgery, I made an extra effort in this area. I was quite strict with my diet for two weeks before the operation, ensuring I didn’t have any coffee or red wine. Just to make sure I was in good health before I walked in, that sort of thing.


Ishika managed to read internet patient experiences and spoke with Dr Priya’s patient, who had already undergone tummy tuck surgery. From the patient’s standpoint, this gave her a sense of what to expect.



My Surgical Procedure for Tummy tuck

She introduced me to one of the advanced surgeries called, Tummy tuck surgery. I had loose, droopy skin and excess fat in the complete abdominal area, and I desired to have a flat and toned tummy. After examination, Dr Bansal suggested undergoing a full tummy tuck over a mini tummy tuck.   

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 Depending on individual cases, a full tummy tuck may also help you address the issue of stretch marks in the lower tummy and a bad C-section scar.  


  • Dr Bansal made hip to hip incision above the public hairline to have a full tummy tuck and sewed the stretched abdominal muscles together. 
  • She removed the excess fat via Liposuction and pulled down the abdominal skin for a better looking and flat stomach. 
  • She repositioned the belly button to a higher position and it was now vertical and looked more sensual.  


My tummy tuck surgery helped me attain a flat stomach and resolved my problem of  a C-section scar.  



Ishita’s Post-Surgery Experience

Ishita was apprehensive before surgery. Nevertheless, after experiencing the desirable outcome, she was amazed and happy post-surgery. Ishita got the following benefits after her surgery:


Decreased My Body Pain

One of my most prevalent issues treated by the tummy tuck procedure was back pain. I used to have back discomfort due to a constant stoopy posture I had attained because of my flabby tummy. A tummy tuck surgically tightens the weakening muscles, giving in much-needed abdominal stability that reduces the back discomfort by flattening the abdomen and also by eliminating extra stomach fat. 


New Physique with Better Looking Appearance 

After eliminating unwanted fat and skin, the procedure helped me achieve an aesthetically looking silhouette.


Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

Post-pregnancy changes in my body were extremely distressing. The entire tummy tuck procedure performed by Dr Bansal gave me my anticipated pre-pregnancy physique. 




The entire tummy tuck surgery procedure was surprisingly risk-free because I chose a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr Bansal, who performed the entire surgery by avoiding all the associated risks and complications. I had normal swelling for few weeks and pain for 2-3 days. Dr Bansal prescribed painkillers; hence the recovery period was easy and safe. 


I would simply want other patients to be aware that you might experience minor discomfort. Still, the recovery period is exciting because you feel like you’ll never get there, and each day gets better. Then a few weeks later, you will feel a sense of accomplishment!


I’m quite pleased with Dr Priya Bansal’s work. Since I can see a significant difference, I wanted to push myself to go further than I could on my own and lose weight. With Dr Bansal’s expertise, I can reclaim who I am and get what I desired as the result of surgery!

Dr Priya Bansal - Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Priya Bansal

Board-certified plastic surgeon

Dr Priya Bansal is a gold medalist plastic and cosmetic surgeon  with a Plastic Surgery degree from Maulana Azad Medical College and 12+ years of experience in plastic surgery. She specialises in high-def liposuction, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift and breast procedures for body contouring and sculpting. 

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