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six pack abs surgery

Coveting SRK’s Killer Abs from #Pathaan? You Can Have Your Own Six Pack Abs with This Surgery Too!

As the Pathaan fever rages, Shah Rukh Khan’s dreamy, chiselled abs have been the talk of the town. If you are someone who spends hours in a gym every day, then you know the effort that goes behind it. Sometimes, you can do all that it takes to get killer washboard abs but still...

Liposuction Surgery for men

How Can Men Benefit from Liposuction?

Women are frequently connected with plastic or cosmetic surgery. However, men are equal key potential for many of the same surgeries that women are. As we become older, our capacity to fight fat buildup becomes more difficult. Men are no different in this sense, with fat pockets that appear to remain despite a balanced...

six pack Abs Surgery

Can I Get Six Pack Abs through Surgery?

Washboard abs have long been a beauty classic. They always appear appealing, whether they are clearly defined, slightly delineated, or merely a toned abdomen. This is due to their pristine and polished appearance. They're smooth and firm, and they feel everlasting. But what if this appears impossible to achieve? What happens when your abs begin...