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Liposuction Surgery in Gurgaon

How is Liposuction Different from High – Definition Liposuction?

Liposuction Surgery has evolved as the most innovative technique in plastic surgery.  Ultrasound, power, laser, and radiofrequency techniques refine modern liposuction. These technologies have highlighted liposuction for its safety and precision. Liposuction has further advanced to high-definition liposuction. Now, what makes it different from liposuction? Here we shall evaluate the difference between the two. Liposuction is the...

Body Contouring surgery in gurgaon

Body Contouring – Is it for You?

Body contouring has become a prominent treatment segment in plastic surgery. It cures various deformities after extreme weight loss. These body contouring procedures were not common in the past. After drastic weight loss,  you may find excess droopy skin and subcutaneous tissue. It may not retract. They may appear distended from your torso, abdomen...