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right candidate for labiaplasty

Who is a good candidate for labiaplasty?

The skin folds that encircle the vagina, or labia may vary widely in size and form. Although there isn't a single "normal" appearance, some women could feel self-conscious or unsatisfied with the way their labia look. This may prompt individuals to think about vaginal plastic surgery, or labiaplasty, a cosmetic genital procedure that modifies...

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgeries

A woman's female genitalia naturally alters as she ages, has children, and experiences changes in her hormone levels. Occasionally, these modifications may give rise to worries over comfort, attractiveness, or sexual function. A variety of techniques are available for female genital cosmetic surgery, sometimes referred to as genital rejuvenation, to address these issues and...