Is Liposuction Procedure Age Bound?

Liposuction Age

Is Liposuction Procedure Age Bound?

Who does not desire a body that looks slim and fit?


Liposuction surgery can give you a better body contour by removing excess fat; a healthy lifestyle can help you sustain the results and look your best afterwards.


Naturally, Liposuction was India’s second most popular cosmetic procedure after Hair Transplants in 2021, with more than 20,000 people seeking the surgery. The recent hype for this plastic surgery is due to the safety associated with it, and the availability of skilled plastic surgeons in India. 


If you are interested in Liposuction Surgery in India, it is essential that you understand if you are eligible for it, and your age is an important consideration.



Eligibility for Liposuction Surgery

The benefits of liposuction are well known. Still, it is essential to keep certain factors in mind during and after surgery to achieve the best results and avoid complications. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Priya Bansal, mentions the following points for someone to be the right candidate for liposuction surgery in India.


  • Liposuction Age: A minimum age of 18 years is required for patients.
  • Gender: liposuction is not restricted to just one gender. Male patients are increasingly requesting the surgery.
  • Stubborn Fat: Certain types of fat do not go away with diet and exercise. The surgery addresses this issue effectively.
  • Non Smoker: Smoking causes tissue necrosis, which delays or may increase the rate of complications during the surgery.
  • Realistic Expectations: Liposuction is performed on the natural structure of the body. The procedure cannot alter or give you a body shape that is too drastic and unattainable.
  • Medical History: The medical history of the patient matters for the surgeon to decide the course of liposuction surgery. In chronic illness, it is advised to wait until the condition stabilises. 


Your plastic surgeon makes the final decision about whether or not you should undergo liposuction. Nevertheless, age has a significant effect on results. 



The Right Age for Liposuction


Liposuction Surgery

Choosing the right liposuction age is crucial, as the procedure requires physical responsiveness, which is found to be more prevalent in younger individuals.


Liposuction can be performed after the age of 18, since the body is presumed to have reached complete development by then. Minimum age of 18 is recommended as this is an age at which they can understand the risks associated with liposuction and have realistic expectations.


While there is no set upper age limit for liposuction surgery, leading plastic surgeons agree that Liposuction can safely be done in older individuals as well, but additional skin excisional procedures may be required because of poor skin laxity. Medical evaluation of older individuals is recommended to undergo a cosmetic procedure.


If you are concerned about liposuction age and want to learn more about how the procedure can benefit you, gold medalist Dr. Priya Bansal is the best surgeon to consult. As a board-certified plastic surgeon and an experienced body contouring surgeon, Dr. Bansal is often chosen for liposuction surgery in India


Schedule your appointment with Dr Priya Bansal to help you decide on your liposuction surgery.

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