Genital Rejuvenation Surgery – All You Need to Know

Genital Rejuvenation Surgery – All You Need to Know

Few body parts are as stigmatised as female genitalia. However, just like every other part of the body, the vagina also changes with age, especially in women who experience childbirth. The various parts of the genitalia become lax and disfigured, reducing sexual pleasure and causing other functional problems.
As a result, many women choose to undergo vaginal tightening surgery after giving birth or reaching an advanced age.

Vaginal tightening is one of many steps in female genital rejuvenation. The rejuvenation procedure targets all the female genitalia for a more supple look and improved sensation in the region.
Before we can discuss the procedure itself, we need to understand the external female genitalia.

What is involved in vaginal tightening?

There is an unfortunate lack of knowledge about female pleasure centres and genitalia in general. Several studies show how poorly women are equipped to understand their bodies. From understanding the role of the clitoris to the mythical g-spot (it is not a myth, we promise), female genitalia is barely discussed in classrooms and educational institutions.

Hence, we thought the first step would be better acquainting you with your genitalia. There are many parts to the complex system. During vaginal tightening and genital rejuvenation, your surgeon targets the following regions:

  • The Mons: The upper part over the pubic bone that bears hair.
  • Labia Majora: The outer lips that bear hair.
  • Labia Minora: The inner lips.
  • Clitoral Hood: The clitoris cover, located in the upper centre portion. It may cover the clitoris partially or entirely.
  • Vaginal Opening: The opening leading to the vaginal canal, located below the clitoris and urethral opening.
  • Hymen: The hymen is a thin and small tissue surrounding the opening of the vagina. It is a common misconception that sexual intercourse is the only activity that can “break” the hymen, making it a measure of virginity. While several sports activities and some accidental encounters can also tear the hymen, some women want it reconstructed, owing to societal stigmas.
  • G-Spot: The g-spot is an area within the vagina that swells during sexual arousal. It is connected to the same nerve network that affects the clitoris. Therefore, when the g-spot is touched during intercourse, the clitoris is also being stimulated – this is often essential for a good orgasm.

These areas are the target of female genital rejuvenation. The procedure aims for vulva and vaginal tightening. This tightness further enhances sensation in the area, increasing sexual pleasure.

Therefore, female genital rejuvenation is an important procedure that can help restore the vagina to its appearance and tightness pre-pregnancy. While it cannot achieve pre-pregnancy results precisely, the procedure can significantly reduce laxity in the vaginal region.

Now that we understand the various areas genital rejuvenation targets, let us look at the various procedures.

Vaginal Tightening Surgery in Gurgaon

Procedures Done for Vaginal Tightening

Alongside tightening the vagina, female genital rejuvenation includes numerous other procedures for a more aesthetic final result.

What are the procedures performed alongside vaginal tightening? Let us go from outermost genitalia to innermost.


Monsplasty in Vaginal Tightening

Some patients have excess skin and fat in the mons, creating an unnatural bulge. This bulge hinders them from wearing bathing suits and tight pants, impacting their self-image significantly.

Monsplasty or mons liposuction involves removing excess fat from the mons. It may include skin excision but usually does not. The minimally invasive liposuction technology allows Dr Priya Bansal to remove this excess fat from the mons while causing minimal trauma and natural-looking results.

After the procedure, the patient takes about a week to recover, with physical activity restrictions lasting between 2-6 weeks. Once this period is over, they can enjoy wearing whatever clothes they want at any time!

Using Labiaplasty for Vaginal Tightening

Both the labia majora and minora have prominent roles to play in the aesthetic appeal of the vulva. Being the outer and inner lips, if they are too large or too small, they can look very odd. They can both be corrected through rejuvenation.


Labia Majoraplasty

If the labia majora hangs low or is too large, it can hinder activities like cycling due to discomfort. It can also be very displeasing to the eye and even embarrassing. The labia majoraplasty procedure corrects this by removing small crescents from the labium’s inner portion.

The amount of excision depends on how much excess tissue there is. Some patients may have atrophied fatty tissue, which your surgeon counters with fat transfer. The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures.


Labia Minoraplasty

This is one of the most common vaginal plastic surgeries. The procedure reduces the length of a labia minora that is hanging below the majora. There may also be labia asymmetry which the procedure corrects.

The procedure uses a trim method of removing extra tissue and sewing up the labia. However, to maintain the natural border of your vulva, a wedge procedure may also be used. The wedge procedure reduces the clitoral hood’s extra folds while removing tissue from the labia minora.

Without a board-certified expert, this method can lead to painful scarring near the vaginal opening due to excessive tissue resection. Removing too much tissue can also cause chronic dryness. More surgeons prefer the trim method due to these drawbacks.

Recovering from labiaplasty (minora and majora) takes a week of icing the labia with the bottom elevated. The icing should be done in 20-minute intervals, following the “twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off” rule. The elevation and ice pack reduce swelling faster, allowing patients to resume sexual activity within 4-6 weeks.

How Clitoral Hood Remodelling Improves Vaginal Tightening

Often performed with labiaplasty, remodelling the clitoral hood involves removing extra folds in the clitoral hood that could create an unattractive bulge. Your surgeon ensures natural-looking results by marking out your natural contours and excising excess tissue based on this guide.

Since there is no single kind of clitoral hood, visiting an expert like Dr Priya Bansal gives you a much higher chance of getting good results. Dr Bansal can effectively remodel the clitoral hood for the ideal look with a keen understanding of aesthetics and excision techniques. After remodelling the hood to your specifications, she closes the incisions with absorbable sutures.

The recovery timeline after clitoral hood remodelling is the same as labiaplasty. The smaller clitoral hood alongside vaginal tightening improves the overall aesthetic of the female genitalia manifold.

Vaginal Tightening Surgery in Gurgaon

Vaginoplasty – The Centrepiece of Vaginal Tightening

Vaginoplasty is the tightening of the vagina itself and may be done surgically or non-surgically. The surgical option is for patients with more laxity in the vagina. Meanwhile, the non-surgical procedure uses non-invasive methods to tighten the vagina effectively.


Surgical Vaginoplasty

The vaginoplasty surgery begins with determining how much tightening is necessary. Your surgeon marks out the extra mucosa for removal inside the vagina, and sutures are used to tighten the tissues underneath the mucosa. This suturing tightens the vaginal canal, allowing the mucosal skin also to be closed with sutures. If there is any protruding skin, the surgeon removes it for better results.

There may be a deep ache in the vagina for 1-2 weeks after the procedure. Patients also must avoid tampons and sexual intercourse for eight weeks. However, they can make a recovery smoother and heal better with regular icing and an elevated pelvis. These measures reduce swelling faster, allowing them to see their results from their vaginoplasty surgery soon.


Non-Surgical Vaginoplasty

The non-surgical alternative uses radiofrequency (RF) technology. The procedure happens over a series of 30-minute sessions, with the heat from the RF device helping tissues shrink, therefore tightening the vagina.

At RG Aesthetics, Dr Priya Bansal uses the latest BodyTite RF device to tighten the labia and vaginal canal. The device stimulates collagen and elastin fibre production, aiding shrinkage, and promoting tightness. As a result, the skin also becomes firmer and appears more supple.

The patient may have vaginal discharge for a few days and cannot engage in intercourse and tampon use. However, due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure, the recovery remains wholly painless and comfortable.

Vaginal Tightening and Hymenoplasty

This simple operation repairs a torn hymen by excising the torn edges and stitching them with fine absorbable sutures. Since hymens are a symbol of virginity in many cultures, women worldwide opt for this procedure, particularly when getting married.

The procedure can happen under local or general anaesthesia and is minimally invasive. Since the hymen has a second layer, this is often sewn up to cover any torn skin, allowing the hymen to appear intact. If these results are not coming for any reason, your surgeon may create a new hymen from the vagina’s lip.

How Vaginal Tightening Incorporates G-Spot Amplification

Remember when we mentioned the mythical G-spot? Well, in modern cosmetic surgery practices, it is far from imaginary.

Tightening the vagina and female genital rejuvenation is primarily concerned with improving female pleasure. As established, the G-spot is an integral pleasure centre in the vagina. With vaginal tightening and an amplified G-spot, sexual pleasure is sure to be augmented significantly.

G-spot amplification involves injecting fat (autologous fat transfer) into the G-spot, enhancing it. In many women, stimulating the G-spot ensures a faster, more intense orgasm. G-spot amplification aids this.

How to Choose the Right Surgeon for Vaginal Tightening

If you are thinking about tightening your vagina, you need the right surgeon and centre for your procedure. The procedures we discussed in this article happen in one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Therefore, you need an expert who understands your requirements and can effectively meet them while minimising downtime.

Additionally, the nature of the procedure is also sensitive. As we mentioned, the taboo surrounding female genitalia and sexual pleasure inhibits many women from seeking the procedures they want. This brings us to the first thing to look for in your surgeon.


The Right Surgeon

Having the right qualification, experience, and numerous excellent patient reviews are definitely a plus, but you also need a compassionate and understanding surgeon. You should not be shy to discuss the various parts of female genitalia with your surgeon. The hesitation and apprehension risk miscommunication, and you may end up facing adverse side effects. You need to be completely open with your surgeon so they can explain the procedure clearly and candidly.

Reaching out to a female plastic surgeon in Gurgaon like Dr Priya Bansal especially helps in this regard. Dr Bansal understands female genitalia, as well as what it means to be a woman. She understands the stigma and knows how to speak in a respectful yet, informative manner that does not make you uncomfortable. Therefore choosing a qualified and compassionate surgeon with the right communication skills is essential.


Equipped with Techniques and Technology

Next, you need a surgeon who can perform every procedure precisely and keeping your natural contours in mind.

Remember when we discussed RF technology in non-surgical vaginal tightening? Well, that procedure is only possible with state-of-the-art BodyTite technology. A well-equipped centre like RG Aesthetics gives surgeons access to this technology to produce the best results. The non-surgical option also has almost no downtime, making it ideal for women whose vaginas are not entirely loose.

Similarly, knowing the different techniques for labiaplasty ensures that your surgeon can choose the suitable method for your needs. This way, they can bring you your ideal body and re-ignite your sex drive with enhanced pleasure and more attractive and aesthetically pleasing genitalia.

While it is true that female genital rejuvenation has a lot of attached stigmas if you want the procedure, and it will make you happier, choosing the right surgeon and centre can be a godsend. You get the excellent results you desire with reshaped and remodelled genitalia requiring slight recovery and pain!

Dr Priya Bansal is a board-certified surgeon specialising in female genital rejuvenation. With a keen understanding of her patients’ requirements and social stigmas, she helps many women get the most from their bodies with her range of procedures. As a gold-medalist female plastic surgeon in Gurgaon, she also has training in all the latest technology, allowing her to promise her patients the best, most refined results, so they are happier, confident and content in their bodies!

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