About Dr Rajat Gupta

Dr. Rajat Gupta

MBBS, MS, DNB(Gen. Surg.),
DNB (Plastic Surgery)

board-certified plastic surgeonDr Rajat Gupta is a board-certified plastic surgeon in India. He has 12+ years’ experience in plastic surgery under his belt, and has also led pioneering work in this field, which has put Indian on the world map when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

After completing his training from Maulana Azad Medical College, he completed his fellowship from Fellow Instituto de Benito, Barcelona for Cosmetic Surgery and Fellow Hospital Sant Pau, Spain for Breast Surgery. Having gained significant exposure in countries like France, Spain, and Singapore during his training years, he came back to India to apply the same set of international standards to Indian procedures and over time also led pioneering work in this field within India, at RG Aesthetics, where he is the Director.

He has patented his own process of cosmetic contouring, which is known as PURE, and is an expert in using technologies like MicroAire and Vaser, which take cosmetic surgery to the next level – safe yet advanced procedures to give the patients what they need, while eliminating complications and delivering natural outcomes.

  • He is a national gold medalist in plastic surgery.
  • He has introduced technologies like ARAVATI ThermiRF and ThermiVA in India, RG Aesthetics is the only hospital in India which offers nano-textured and smooth implants for breast augmentation.
  • He is the first certified Indian surgeon to combine Vaser with MicroAire.
  • He is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon and a member of the International Society of Auricular Reconstruction.

His own expertise in the field and his determination to bring the highest quality and standards to the operating table, along with attention to detail has made RG Aesthetics a coveted name in the field of medical tourism. His patients trust him and come to him from the world over, and his Indian patients include those associated with the movie industry as well as top government officials and cabinet ministers.

“Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean”. This quote by Ryunosuke Satoro is his go-to mantra. Dr Rajat Gupta believes that much can be done when experts in a field come together to offer the best in cosmetic surgery. He has built up a formidable team at RG Aesthetics who are his partners. Together, they offer the complete gamut of cosmetic surgery procedures at RG Aesthetics, which is equipped with world class and approved equipment and a team of surgeons who are all board-certified and trained in the latest techniques and medical technology.